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The advantage of running the business under the trademarks GRIGORI GRABOVOI® and GRABOVOI® is to implement the ideas and technologies of eternal life for you and all the people. In this case your business is advantageously differs from the business just for the sake of profit, Your business at this compares favorably with the business just for profit, becomes an honorary business for the benefit of all, and therefore can lead to excess profit.

You can get the license for the right to use the trademarks GRIGORI GRABOVOI® and GRABOVOI® by signing a license agreement with a legal entities as in all the classes of the trademark, as well as in separate classes and specific types of activities. For each activity, you can produce and sell the goods, specified in the form of activity, or to provide the services corresponding to the kind of activity.

Legal entities and sole traders, who have received the right of use the trademarks GRIGORI GRABOVOI® and GRABOVOI®, are provided with study guides by Grigori Grabovoi in many languages to ensure the eternal life by the development of business, ready-made techniques of Grigori Grabovoi`s Teachings on types of activities listed in the classes of the trademark, consultations are given for your employees. Updated methodologies, focused on your specific activities can be created for your individual data.