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The Testimony on results, obtained at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected Devices PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds

The Testimony on results, obtained at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected Devices PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds

To all the persons interested.

The Testimony on results, obtained at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds, by Marina Morozkina, a Certified Lecturer of the Education Center on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi “EDUCATION CENTER FOR EDUCATION PROGRAM ON THE TEACHING OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI”

Novi Sad, Serbia                                                                                July 07, 2019, at 21:43h

      After participation at the seminar with 14 devices, my work in controlling prognostication and controlling clairvoyance has intensified sharply.

     On July 06, 2019, I had to come to Belgrade for shooting of promotional videos for the seminars with 22 devices.

     In the morning, I had to correct the promotional material. I realized, that I could be late for the bus to Belgrade, that could take me there in due time, but it was necessary to arrange the material for the finalized version. I was late for the bus for 5 minutes. But I realized, that I had some extra time, so I bought a ticket for the next bus.

     The bus, that could also take me there in the due time, was delayed.

     And here is where it has all begun! I have telephoned my friends, asked them to join the controlling on normalizing the events.

     I had to wait for the next bus of the same transport company (with the ticket that I bought I couldn’t travel by any bus) for 20, even 30 minutes. That was not acceptable for me. I quickly ran to the box office, where I read on the schedule that in 2 minutes, a bus from another transport company was to depart, so I asked, if I could have my ticket changed, but they refused categorically, saying, that another bus would be there in 20 minutes. The situation seemed to be hopeless. I did not stop holding the controlling on harmonious solution of the situation, even for a minute. I ran out to the platform, and I saw another bus, of another transport company, that was supposed to go to Belgrade. I ran to the driver, and out of worry, in a broken Serbian language I said that I had to go to Belgrade urgently, and that I would pay for the transport, as I understood, that I couldn’t get on that bus with my ticket. The driver, after having listened to me, said: “Well, if it’s urgent, in 3 minutes another bus is departing to Belgrade”, and pointed out to it, and added: “and I’m leaving in 15 minutes”. Not wasting a second, I quickly ran to the appointed bus, where the matter of boarding was solved, and in a few minutes we were already leaving the bus station.

     During the whole time of my running around, I have continuously kept in my perception the goal: I’ve been imagining, that I have arrived at due place and at due time, and we can manage to shoot the video material by the specific time. The interesting thing is, that in spite of my very active physical actions, inside myself I have remained absolutely tranquil. I have been absolutely convinced, that I would work everything out.

     The bus has turned out to be comfortable, with a good air-conditioning. During the whole ride, I’ve kept the controlling – I’ve been extending time. Usually, a journey to Belgrade lasts for about 75-90 minutes. That time, we’ve arrived to the place that’s been necessary for me practically in an hour. During the journey, I’ve been mentally imagining, how I would get to the appointed place, since I’ve never been getting there by public transport. Usually, I’ve been getting there on foot, if I’ve had enough time, or by taxi, if my time has been limited. I have tried to imagine, what I would have to do, if I couldn’t get a taxi. There is a problem with it in Belgrade. One has to order taxi by phone, and it often happens that there are no cars available.

     I’ve been intensely trying to understand, at which stations, and by which transport, I could get quickly to the due place. Two bus stops have occurred in my mind, that I have known of, but I have never used them. I’ve understood, that I would have to use the shifting bus stops, and I have, as if, been creating in my thought an alternative route, in case, that I wouldn’t be able to order a taxi.

     Buses arrive in Belgrade from several sides. I’ve needed the bus to arrive from a specific side, otherwise, my further rout would be too long. I’ve asked the driver, if, by chance, he drives in Belgrade over the “Branko’s bridge”. The driver has answered at once: “You need to go over the Branko’s bridge? Fine, we will go over the Branko’s bridge.” I’ve rejoiced so much – “The first victory!”, but there’s been no time to relax, there’s has been the uncertainty afore, in which I have created a chain in connected events in information. So then, it’s been necessary to realise it. As I have gotten off the bus, I have run to the closest bus stop, a bus passed by me. Its number meant nothing to me, but the title “Zeleni venac” has given a hint: “Take it without thinking! It is in a due direction! You will take another to somewhere when you get there!”. I have jumped into the practically departing bus. I’ve gotten off at the next bus stop and made a phone call to order a taxi. As I have imagined – there have been no cars available. A high-velocity process on searching for the only right solution has been going on in my head! There’s been a feeling, that a super computer had turned on inside me, which has counted and marked, in high velocity, one by one, the occurring options of the following actions. It has been necessary to react quickly. I haven’t known, where the next bus, that could help me, would stop. As if I have gotten strained within myself, there’s been a feeling, that some kind of a subtle scanning ray has been getting out of my body, and palpating the information of the closest future. And there, I have made the only right decision, from the point of view exactly of the goal – to get to the due place in due time. I’ve climbed to stairs to the street, one level above, and I’ve seen the scene, to which I’ve already gotten used to on that day – a bus, with the number familiar to me, has almost been departing from the bus stop. It’s been the only bus that’s been driving to the direction that’s been necessary for me. Already out of habit, I’ve jumped onto the footboard. And in 3 minutes already, I’ve turned out to be 1 minute far from the office, to which I’ve been hurrying.

     From the moment of the departure of the bus from my town, until the moment of arrival to the appointed place, exactly 80 minutes have passed. That is generally unrealistic under normal conditions. I want to point out, that the decision to get to the level above the place where I have been, where the bus necessary for me has been practically waiting for me, I have made spontaneously. I have had no idea, that there is a bust stop there. I.e. that has precisely been the doing of the subtle structures. I’ve been making that decision without analytics involved. That is, generally, not characteristic of me. I always think over all of my actions, thoroughly and in advance. Any unexpected decisions are usually, anyway, based upon my logical knowledge. In that case, there’s been a realistic feeling that the events have been literally being created in front of me. In one of the seminars of Grigori Grabovoi it is written about it like that. In the point of fact, when a person walks in life, the way literally as if originates under his feet, when a person steps on the ground.

     Another nuance. For the shooting of the promotional material, we’ve had some minutes left. But we’ve done all the actions with such a conviction that we would make it to record everything, that the reality has given in again, as if it has banded under us. People, who have had to come to those quarters, have been late for 10 minutes sharp. And that’s been just enough time for us to finish our work. As soon as we have shoot the last cadre, a knock on the closed door has been heard, and another work has proceeded. 

     I have been under a strong impression for the whole evening. The entire journey to Belgrade as if has gotten imprinted in my perception. I remember all the tiniest details of my journey. When I remember it, it’s as if I travel back to the past. I feel the heat of sunrays on my skin. While looking through the past events, I so want to squint, because I feel the bright sunlight at once – it has been very sunny and hot on that day.

     And what’s also interesting, I have such a feeling that now I know how that mechanism, which has helped me on my journey, is triggered. But then again, as I have said in the previous testimony, as if some kind of the “inner invisible physical muscle of consciousness” gets contracted, and I am reaching the level of extended consciousness. By reaching that level, I feel, that I am continuously consciously being as if both in physical reality and on the subtle plan at the same time. The feeling of congestion in ears emerges, all sounds from physical reality become louder.

     In this condition, the understanding of events occurs not only in logics, but also at the level of claircognizance. You are looking at some object, and suddenly, you understand it far broader than before. When I’ve been eating fish, after participating at the seminar with 14 connected devices, I’ve been performing the controlling, as always, that the fish, which has been my food, has actually been alive. I.e. it feeds me, but I don’t harm it. Before, I have been performing such controlling at the logical level, I’ve been simply mentally saying and imagining that situation of eating meat (a food product), and somewhere a fish, that has been the source of that product, is swimming. And there, suddenly, a feeling emerged, that something from the sea and slick has flashed by my side. As if the eaten fish has come out of me alive and swum away back home. It’s been even a little scary. But, I think that is so because of my not being accustomed. Grigori Grabovoi has written about such a phenomenon in his book “Hayrukulus”.

     I am summarizing:

     Participating at the seminar with 14, and now already with 22 connected devices – is a real opportunity, that is not to be missed, desirably, by any Sublicensee, of course on possibility. I think, that even those, who haven’t mastered working with the device yet, can also obtain an immense experience and at once reach the high level of development of consciousness as a result of intense 10-days’ work with 22 connected devices in the auditorium of the Education Center of Grigori Grabovoi.

     Becoming conscious of work of the subtle structures of one’s personality through the logical level, understanding the way of working of the soul, the spirit, the structures of the controlling clairvoyance and prognostication through the consciousness – that is not even close the entire list of results, which can be obtained by a person as a result of such tuition. The most important is, that the extension of consciousness, after these seminars, enables a person to reach the level of making precise further decisions, further actions. Which means, that a secure and harmonious development for providing for eternal life for all is being realized.

     I agree to publication.

     July 07, 2019, at 21:43h, Novi Sad                                                       Marina Morozkina




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