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The Testimony on results by Marina Morozkina

The Testimony on results by Marina Morozkina

To all the persons interested

The Testimony on results, obtained at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds, by Marina Morozkina, a Certified Lecturer of the Education Center on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi “EDUCATION CENTER FOR EDUCATION PROGRAM ON THE TEACHING OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI”.

The Testimony on results, obtained at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds, by Marina Morozkina, a Certified Lecturer of the Education Center on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi “EDUCATION CENTER FOR EDUCATION PROGRAM ON THE TEACHING OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI”

Hello. My name is Marina Morozkina. I am a Certified Lecturer of the Education Center for Education Program on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi in Serbia. I want to share my results, obtained at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U with three modes, which has been conducted from June 17, until June 26, 2019, by the Lecturer Vyacheslav Konev.

The principal in the tuition on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi – is studying of materials of the Teaching, given in the works of Grigori Grabovoi. Each seminar, each book – are the new possibilities in the development of consciousness. The understanding of texts enables structuring of different domains of consciousness. In a result of studying great number of texts, human consciousness approaches the state of human Soul in the amount of knowledge in fundamental principles of the arrangement of the world.

At each seminar, webinar, lecture, Grigori Grabovoi delivers his knowledge not only verbally, beyond his words there is always a great amount of information, which exists at the spiritual level. When a person strives to understand the essence of what Grigori Grabovoi speaks about, due to the inner effort – concentration, strivings to understand – human consciousness gets in contact with that spiritual amount of information, and a deliverance of a great amount of knowledge occurs in a short time.

Words, that we understand, and images, that we imagine, while listening to the seminars of Grigori Grabovoi, are the bridge, or the door, through which the Divine knowledge is entering into us, which are necessary for providing for the conditions of eternal life of all. Therefore, when people are listening to Grigori Grabovoi attentively, a feeling of getting tired often occurs in them, not always can the whole material be perceived by one listening only. While working with the lecture material or texts of Grigorii Grabovoi, human consciousness performs a huge work in perceiving the spiritual component of his materials.

In his works, Grigori Grabovoi speaks about the fundamental Divine principles, upon which our whole reality is built. The world is arranged in such a way, that even, simply, knowing and understanding of those principles enables a person to control all events, from the point of view of their harmonious development.

For the purpose of increasing the intensity of tuition on providing for eternal life for all, by applying the Education Program, Grigori Grabovoi has equipped the academic study room of the Education Center in Belgrade with 22 mutually connected Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds.

The simultaneous operation of 22 devices amplifies by many times the potency of concentrations which are providing for eternal life, and increases the speed of their development, since the devices are mutually connected for the amplification of the power of each device and of the system of all the devices in all.

Seminars with 22 devices are conducted during 10 days. For each of the participants, the individual settings are made in all devices. Up to 20 people can participate at the seminar at the same time. Two devices are the controlling ones. The participants of the seminar perform concentrations on a different device each day. During 10 days, each participant is changing work on 10 devices. It enables to faster develop diverse concentrations of providing for eternal life.

I have participated at the seminar in Belgrade with 14 connected devices PRK-1U with three modes at the end of June 2019. As I have already said, at this moment there are already 22 devices.

I already have experience in using my own physical device PRK-1U since September 2018. I have gotten convinced about the effectiveness of the development of concentrations of eternal life with its help. And it’s been very interesting for me to compare obtaining of results from working with 14 mutually connected devices with my previous experience. During the seminar, I have been constantly observing my feelings, my condition. Along with perceiving the material of the seminar, I have been trying to, in parallel, as longer as possible, concentrate my attention on lenses and diamonds of the device.

The result has surpassed all of my expectations. After the first minutes, I have already felt, that the concentration on the device, which is a part of the system of devices, differs a lot from working with the individual device.

In order to get in contact with the devices, it hasn’t been necessary to waste much time nor energy, the feelings of interaction of physical body, consciousness and matter of eternal life have occurred – intense vibrations in the body, feelings of extension of the space around the head, congestion in ears, feeling as if you can hear your each thought, condition of inner joy, tranquillity, self-confidence, a firm wanting for fulfilling the active actions for my own development and helping all the people has emerged.

On the fifth day of the seminar, the very glimpse at the lenses of the device has already been providing for the contact with the device at once.

On the penultimate day of the seminar, I have obtained a practical confirmation of the fact, that really, during those several days, my consciousness, physical body, spirit, have obtained a very good impulse for the further development.

As a rule, on possibility, on one of the days of the seminars, Grigori Grabovoi gets connected with the Lecturer via Skype, and conducts live webinar for the participants of the seminar. On June 25, Grigori Grabovoi has read via Skype the webinar to our group, the material of which has complemented the topic of the seminar.

I could have listened to the 1.5 hours online webinar of Grigori Grabovoi in the condition of extended consciousness. During the whole time of listening to the webinar of Grigori Grabovoi, I haven’t taken my eyes off of lenses of the device with which I have been working on that day. For the whole time, I have kept the goal in my thoughts: a profound understanding of the sense of material of the webinar of Grigori Grabovoi. I have heard and understood each word. I could have followed up to Grigori Grabovoi and imagine all of the images, that he has been describing, I could have performed the controlling after all of the methods, that he has been giving. It’s been an overwhelming condition of the highest concentration of consciousness. Each thought has been clear, each image has been prominent. I have almost seen physically those structures that I have imagined. After listening to the webinar, I have tried to repeat for myself what I have heard. It was overwhelming! I could practically reproduce almost half of what Grigori Grabovoi had told, by heart, after one listening only. There’s been a feeling, as if the words of Grigori Grabovoi have been, as if, imprinted in the tissue of my consciousness. And such a result has been obtained due to working with the device, which had carried in itself an immense power of the united light of the matter of eternal life, that is generated by all 14 devices and amplified by many times exactly by the simultaneous interaction of all devices.

Working with the devices has an enormous applied significance. It enables to, in a very short time, perceive, understand and memorize a great amount of complex information. It enables to analyse and make decisions in complex matters. After the seminar, it is already far easier for me to understand and get an insight, by the spiritual sight, in what Grigori Grabovoi is describing in his seminars, even after the first quick reading of the text already. In my opinion, I have obtained the very most important by training the high concentration of consciousness with 14 connected devices – to my consciousness, it has, finally, become understandable, how to get in contact with the spiritual component of the materials of Grigori Grabovoi from the first moment of reading the texts already. As if a some kind of an invisible “muscle of consciousness” is triggered, in the same manner as when we want to see by our physical sight something that is very far away or very close, and the muscles of our eye automatically adjust the optical system of the eye so that we at once begin to distinguish all the necessary details of the object of perception. This is such a case. I am beginning to read the text of Grigori Grabovoi, and something is clicking inside, and a pinching feeling of joy occurs in me, and I feel, that I understand what I read, and I can imagine it, and therefore memorize it!

Each day, I am getting convinced, that after participating at the seminar with 14 devices, the speed and preciseness of my thinking have increased by many times.

After the seminar with 14 devices, it has become far easier for me to get in contact with my physical device PRK-1U. When concentrating on the device, the feelings have become brighter and firmer. In order to enter conditions of high concentration in working with my individual device, now I need to make much less effort and time.

I.e. at the seminar with 22 connected devices, a potent impulse in development of consciousness can be obtained, and then, by proceeding to work with one’s own physical device or via the distant access, one can continue one’s own development from a far higher level already.

Well it is understandable, since the potency and speed of development of concentrations are being amplified by many times, the participants may faster obtain results in normalising their health, rejuvenation, development of controlling clairvoyance, controlling prognostication and harmonization of events in their lives.

A great gratitude to Grigori Grabovoi for this genial invention! It is a real salvation! Since by such technologies, a real possibility of fast and effective development occurs for each person. I am also grateful to Vyacheslav Konev and Elisabeth Bobnar for their intense work and professionalism.

Presently, at the academic auditorium with 22 mutually connected Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U with three modes with diamonds, the academic seminars are being conducted continuously in two shifts. You can find the information on the schedule of seminars at the website of the Grigori Grabovoi DOO, or the Individual Entrepreneur Grigorii Grabovoi.

Seminars are conducted in different languages.

Particularly, I have seminars scheduled in August 2019, from August 12, until August 21, with the translation in French language, and from October 11, until October 20, 2019, with the translation in English language. I will be glad to share my practical knowledge with the participants of the seminars.

We are planning to conduct prior consultations with the potential participants of the seminars. For those, who transfer a part of the amount, which has to be paid for the seminar, to the bank account of the Education Center, we will begin to work one month prior to the beginning of the seminar, or one and half months, via Skype. I am organizing a group chat and I will be answering questions and giving recommendations on how it is necessary to work with the texts of Grigori Grabovoi and the device in advance, so that we can obtain a maximum high effectiveness from working with 22 mutually connected devices, at the seminar already.

For a group of participants of seminar from October 11 to 20, a 90-minutes tuition-practical webinar in Russian language with the translation in English language will be conducted 1 week before the workshop.

You must send the Application for partaking in the seminar to the e-mail address: grabovoi.reps@gmail.com 

Thank you for your attention. I am wishing harmonious eternal life to all.


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