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The principle of equal direction in eternal life

The principle of equal direction in eternal life

When actions are carried out in the conditions of eternal life, it is necessary to consider the infinity of amounts of information with which you interact. Human consciousness, which largely seeks to form future events, should be prepared to the fact that the properties of eternity of the amounts of information also contain the past circumstances.  Therefore, it is necessary to carry out actions with the information of the past events upon preparing the access events to avoid manifestation of the information of the past that is negative for you.  The structures of eternity periodically touch man in relation to the true objectives of his eternal soul and body.  At such times, you can feel the eternity of your body parts and yourself in general.  These feelings create deep, inexhaustible goals that man perceives as the only necessary for realization.  He can follow them eternal time and match his actions with them.  Thus the reasonable live eternity, surrounding the inner world of man, is formed.  Construction, recreation, and restoration of the physical body of man by the fields of information, which are not directly related to the areas of thinking, are going through this eternity.  The ability to control for creation of events that ensure eternal life, so that these events were not based on oriented, but any information, enables man to live forever as well as due to the remote areas of information.  Then, in fact, any information areas will ensure eternal life, and in the process of the created eternal life, you will be able at your discretion to solve previously identified and emerging target tasks.  Joining of your objectives with eternity is going on the remotest area of your consciousness.  Thus you can perceive in the form of a piece of time of the distance from the endless number of events, from eternity to your specific events.  On the border of overlaying of the soul on the human spirit, the awareness of time as a measure of space takes place.  The awareness that each phenomenon and concept possesses original, primeval sense comes.  And they rest upon concrete actions in the physical world or in your Consciousness.  Thus you can determine the mechanism of projection of events of the physical world into the matter of consciousness.  To improve an event from the past is to know the future multiplied by the amount of the information of the past.  To understand the creation of eternity is to see the future available in the present. To consider the movement and realize that the dynamics in the world occurs as the need for a wider perception of the present.  The Creator expands the world due to his desire to expand it and the law of spontaneous expansion of the world, regulated by the internal essence of the Creator who constantly reconstructs and creates himself and the world around us.  The correspondence of the goals with the world, the overlay of the goals on the topographical form of the world makes it possible to consider those events that solve your problems while meeting the conditions of the eternity of life.  It is important to be able to act reacting precisely to the information that the eternity of life is ensured under any circumstances.  At the same time, by this you can define and understand the route and order of your following endless actions.  Infinity carries a tranquility and by this, you perceive eternity in the form of a particular area.  Once you have achieved such an understanding, you can intensively study the properties of eternity depending on your actions.  By quick recognizing the properties of eternity by the distant areas of consciousness you should try to realize the eternity and simultaneously carry out the necessary current actions”.

Grigori Grabovoi created the text “The principle of equal direction in eternal life” on January 4, 2006. It was amended by Grigori Grabovoi.

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