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The Network Method of Control in Eternity

The Network Method of Control in Eternity

When you work with eternity objects, it is important to be able to lean against many elements. Then you will be able to choose the required access point and change it, or combine such points to form a more powerful control impulse. In this case, you should build dynamic supporting areas in front of the area where you plan to apply control. You should preliminary put the objective of control in each of these areas. Further, when you use this method, you should create in your consciousness silvery-white bars of light coming from your physical body to the supporting areas of control that you have built. Moving these areas mentally, you will be able to observe at the spiritual level, how the object of eternity yields to your control. As there are a lot of supporting areas in this technology and they have high speeds, the events that implement the objective of control may occur, but, at the same time, it may be unclear what supporting areas have formed the events. It seems a miracle. Altogether, there are many situations in eternity where favorable events develop as if miraculously. The objective of control in this case is to try to understand what actions have resulted in the implementation of the events.  Since the technology of eternal life implies consistency in achieving goals, you should always understand what controls and supporting systems created the event. The Creator by producing an event in the future or in the past provides the current time.  When you implement control in the form of networks, which consist of supporting areas of the information of eternity, you have to control your information from the moment of your birth, and then from the moment of conception. Then you will be able to observe that there is an infinite amount of information about you, and eternal life with this method is just constant perception of this information. The same refers to others. In eternal life technologies, make an effort to combine, in the same space of thinking, your exploratory highly intellectual premise with the spirit that is in a contemplating – controlling state. Thus, you will be able to overlay the diversified network control constructions, in which you have to perceive all the movements of the supporting areas, on a serene spiritual state that realizes eternal life.

Grigori Grabovoi created the text of “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Network Method of Control in Eternity.” on June 8, 2015.

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