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The method of control of the eternity processes

The method of control of the eternity processes

There is a principle of realization of the processes of eternity in eternal life.  When it is clear logically that any eternity consists of eternal constituents. There is an endless path between the eternity of the future and the eternity of the present. Each person has to follow this path in the state of eternity.  Eternal life is always with you, you live now and this is eternally; consciousness perceives the geometric infinity like this where the glance merges with the horizon and the substance of your consciousness is overlaid on the infinite physical space. Behind each object of reality, you should see the relationship of this object with the infinite space, and you will get the methods of the eternity processes control. Eternity is characterized by an infinite variety of processes in each field of information. To identify the endless properties of the field of information you should focus your attention both on the external and internal field of information. Then you should start watching the space between the fields. You can see how between the outer surface of the autonomous field of information and the inner elements of the same field of consciousness the pulses of silver and white colors arise periodically. Watching them, we can conclude that within any randomly selected field of information the emergence and development of information takes place. Penetrating by the spiritual action into the sense of this process, by pushing forward the information of the spirit from the physical body to the point of momentum, you can feel the vibrations of eternity that surround all information objects. Having tuned mentally in these vibrations and having seen them inside the thought, you gain the access to the field of perpetual motion, that is, to the source of eternal life. Carrying over the thought, structured this way, and the field of consciousness where there is an understanding of this process to the tissue that needs restoration, you can heal yourself and restore any matter. The Creator develops the eternal reality by self-recreation. Based on such mechanism of eternal self-organization you can thus control the processes ensuring eternal life.

The text of “The method of control of the eternity processes” was created by Grigori Grabovoi on May 12, 2015.

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