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The Devices

I will consider first and foremost the instrumentation in terms of organization of eternal processes. When God the Creator of the entire world considered the iteration that man creates equipment, He, naturally, considered the principles of instrumentation for eternal life. And certain aftereffect is incorporated in this technology i.e., after the creation of man and the entire world.

It is important to note that these devices must operate by functions eternal time. For example, the number of times of use of device PRK-1U is not limited: each time the next control increases and the next level of abilities develops. And this element of such unrestricted use is instantaneous transition from the current to the future time. Considering this principle of instantaneousness, we can find another source of energy for such devices, for such equipment.

Thus, an important function of instrumentation of eternal life is the use of multiple power sources and source selection according to the situation. For example, in the absence of power supply from several sources, the device can find the energy from the previous optical impulse. At the same time, of course, the fact that the power supply before was normal  will matter, but nevertheless, the device always brings the control to the level of realization of eternal life for all. And the practice of applying, for example, device PRK-1U indicates that these functions are activated regularly when the need arises.

An important characteristic of such devices is the systematic action of the device. According to the current practice of using PRK-1U, in each case we received proofs of functionality during the testing, that is, it shows that the device is adapted to human Consciousness. And when God the Creator of the world laid such a reality that instrumentation is developing, of course, He laid the functions of the devices that ensure exactly eternal life, moreover these are the functions that interact not only with Consciousness of God, but with Consciousness of people and with the form of reaction similar to Consciousness. And in this regard, the functions of these devices have to implement such a thing as the controllability of the device through controlling clairvoyance, through human consciousness. That is, this is exactly the adaptation of the device to Consciousness that makes it possible to implement complete control over the device what creates the safety of this type of equipment.