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The answers of Grigori Grabovoi to questions asked by the participants of the film forum “Myths and Reality”

The answers of Grigori Grabovoi to questions asked by the participants of the film forum “Myths and Reality”

Hello. I will now answer the questions asked by the participants of the cinema forum “Myths and Reality”.

The first questionMore than two thousand years ago, Jesus already spoke about eternal life. We have the impression that the public consciousness is still far from this understanding of reality. What is your opinion?

AnswerIn my opinion, the public consciousness has advanced in the understanding of this opinion, because the current civilization has a lot of means and methods for realizing eternal life from the point of view of technologies of control due to the development of Consciousness, Spirit, Soul; through the interaction of the body with the Consciousness and the Soul, and the Spirit; the systems of development of control over these processes, which are controllable by the human Consciousness, and at the same time the development of scientific and technical means which contribute precisely to the realization of eternal life.

And I think that in this connection, to a greater extent, it is a certain structure that should be increased in adapting to the process of eternal life, this structure can be more clearly identified in the form of precisely explanatory events among the population, among the training systems. In this, of course, there is still little information. For example, in textbooks of secondary schools, and, perhaps, they are only in some indirect versions. There is little information in the programs of higher educational institutions.

In this case, as soon as the educational resource is increased, the opinion of Christ about eternal life, about the necessity for its realization, of course, will be distributed everywhere and technologically secured.

And in this case, I can say one thing: the technologies to ensure eternal life, which are practically based on the maximum number of known structures substantiated by the scientific methods, and the methods of development of Consciousness, Soul, Spirit are being implemented under my trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI®,

And in this regard, we can say that, for example, yes, if you consider my patents, such as “Method of prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization” and “Information Carrying System”, they show quite concretely that due to a biosignal, due to the radiation of thought, that is spelled out directly by these words in these patents, it is possible to interact with the external environment, in principle, as it follows logically, and it is clear from the texts of the patents, as well as from the references to scientific publications, for example, in the journal “Electronic equipment”, that the scientific part of the process is researched quite well, it is described by the methods of orthodox mathematics according to my theory of wave synthesis, and if also to consider the formula of general reality, which I implemented in my dissertation. Therefore, it turns out that after all the use of scientific tools that objectify many processes in the universe, they make it possible to demonstrate in a systemic way the possibility and necessity of realizing eternal life for all.

In this regard, so to say, as a summary, we can say that for the current time the civilization has developed enough to ensure eternal life for all. The task is precisely in the universal introduction of the most promising means of implementing for all a common, as if a general, concept of control in this particular direction of ensuring eternal life for all. Therefore, it is quite possible to say that there are enough means currently to ensure that the realization of namely eternal life for all within some quite short, so to say, time has been implemented. And it is desirable in this direction, I believe, to support the opinion of all those who believe that the provision of eternal life for all is the direction that is necessary for humanity, and in general for any living being.

The next questionThe scriptures of all religions, indicate a certain critical mass, which must be achieved in order for the Earth to be elevated. You go further. You are talking about eternal life, and your program is aimed at the universal salvation of mankind. Universal salvation, eternal life, what difference do you mean in these two terms?

AnswerMy Teachings have a direction of salvation, including from a possible global catastrophe, and a direction of eternal harmonious development. And in this regard, I put a certain technological sense into these two terms, because in order to ensure eternal life for all, it is necessary, at least, to save from a possible global catastrophe, it is necessary to provide local eternal life for every living being.

Therefore, it turns out that the task of salvation is exactly as the primary task, and it is realized in those cases, if indeed we are talking about the need to use such a construction as a rescue. After all, there may be just universal harmonious and eternal development, the realization of the harmony of eternal life for all, but in the case of applying the structure of salvation, I imply nonetheless exactly the technology of rescue as a tool to ensure eternal life, protection of eternal life in case of some critical states, situations and the like.

The next question What does it mean to be eternal for a human being living on our Earth?

Answer I can say that in the usual sense, and as it was originally laid from the Creator, from God, eternity is understood exactly as it is understood. That is, there must be the eternal Soul, there must be the eternal body, there must be the eternal Spirit, and eternal Consciousness. And if in general to say in one word it is including all the structures corresponding to the person, and in general all the structures corresponding to the living being.

The next question. Is there freedom to travel to other worlds for a man who has become eternal on Earth?

Answer The fact is that the answer here is obvious: when a person becomes eternal, then, accordingly, he can study for an unlimited time in any direction. And to travel to any worlds becomes an executable task knowingly. And it is clear that, in a very large amount of time, it is possible to learn everything. And as I said in the previous answer to the previous question, that when all personality structures become eternal, then, accordingly, it is possible to develop eternally and to develop each structure.

It is possible to develop more the interaction between these structures or, for example, to develop them eternally as well, which will happen in practice: the interaction between the physical body and Consciousness, the interaction between the Spirit, Consciousness and the physical body, the interaction between the Soul and the physical body.

All these processes, with detailed study, with long-term scientific study, with the basis on the religious context of science, can show such extensive results in the control of both one’s physical body and the structures of external space, that for the time being we are only talking about some aspects of such possibilities. And now it is clear at the level of ordinary logic, that since there is a dual principle of matter, that is, it can be considered as a particle and wave environment, and Consciousness is a wave, that is, through Consciousness, it is possible to affect the wave structure and thereby strengthen the physical matter or make it eternal.

And generally speaking, in connection with this, some technical systems may also help, for example, the implemented now device for development of concentration of eternal life PRK-1U, which has three modes. And there, depending on the mode, there is a development of Consciousness by interacting with the structure of matter, which makes it possible to create eternal body at the level of spiritual action, of the life-giving Spirit, so to say, practically due to the external control.

And with a certain skill, with a certain practice, and systemic work, this control may be eternal, it only increases in the experience, increases in effectiveness. Therefore, it turns out that we are able not just to create such structures there for traveling to other worlds, but at the same time it is possible to configure external worlds in a certain way, to create them. And to spread the control in this vector, so to speak, namely of eternal development of the whole world, eternal without any conditions.

The next questionYou have made the universal salvation of mankind your main subject. Do you think that the number of followers of your Teachings is large enough to start this process, that is, to avoid a possible catastrophe of all alive on Earth?

Answer Well, the matter is that the universal salvation of mankind is precisely in the realization of eternal life for all mankind requires compulsory action on the part of mankind, that is, every member of mankind, and in the perspective of every living being. And it turns out that, of course, the followers of the Teachings do a lot now and really they can prevent catastrophes and realize the provision of eternal life in their own tasks of control. But this task to obtain these skills, these practical abilities applies to everyone. And depending on the time, on the possibility to master any material, each person should participate in this process, then the provision of eternal life to everyone in some short time will be guaranteed.

And therefore, we can say that even when the entire population will be basically covered by this particular task — everyone will be able to realize eternal life for himself and all — the task of educating new born people will be, in principle, comparable to the fact that explanation again is required, and a special educational level is required for those who will be born. And they, of course, will be born in a more prepared social environment, but at the same time the educational program of such an organization of society, when everyone realizes eternal life, this program will be constantly maintained due to the constant birth and of more and more people and all living beings with each time interval.

The next questionIs the energy level of a resurrected person and a living person the same?

Answer Yes, precisely from the point of view of energy there is no difference. From the point of view of the action generally, with the universal resurrection, the event of interrupting life becomes irrelevant for the resurrected, so here we have also to take into account that exactly after the factor of the universal resurrection it turns out that the level is practically comparable in all aspects: both of the living, and the resurrected.

The next questionCan an artificial intelligence combined with a biological system use the technologies of eternal life or to steal them?

Answer The artificial intelligence must be controlled by humanity. In this regard by the way, such systems as PRK-1U make it possible to develop the thought to such extent as to control technical systems. And here, given that there are, for example, such areas as the development of intelligent machines, artificial intelligence, the fact that artificial intelligence can use some elements concerning the technologies of eternal life, in fact there may be a positive direction, associated with the fact that special technologies to ensure eternal life can be developed, which make it possible, on the contrary, to help people ensure eternal life.

And in my device for the development of concentration of eternal life the three-mode PRK-1U, the third mode is turned on due to the electromagnetic circuit, it is not turned on by a separate switch forcibly, that is, there are two switches and three modes. And there is a certain logic of control there that relates to the work of artificial intelligence, which is implemented in an accessible scheme.

And it makes it possible to realize exactly the direction of eternal life in infinity, the one that will help people live eternally. Because the implementation of the elements of artificial intelligence in an accessible scheme is a new perspective in mechanical engineering, where it is required to lay the maximum number of actions in the scheme containing the maximum number of elements.

And then we receive exactly the aspect of eternity for machines, machines become not dangerous, and this ideology is incorporated in the device PRK-1U. So, artificial intelligence can be controlled by various means: by mathematical — I am a programmer by education as well, since there was a programming course at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the University. And it is possible to lay the structure of control by software means, when machines will not be able to use somehow, precisely in a negative sense, to hamper humanity and all living things develop and live forever.

The next question What is your message to those who listen to you and those who work together with you for the sake of raising the level of Consciousness and universal salvation?

AnswerWell, the fact is that I always have a call to ensure eternal life for all and it is necessary to work for this. I am grateful to those who are now implementing this direction in many ways.  And at the same time I can say that by joint efforts, naturally, we will strive for and achieve the provision of eternal life to all in a shorter time. And I urge all participants in this process to appeal actively to those who are not yet involved in this process, or is involved little.

And to try in explanatory conversations, through education, by persuasion with a foundation on scientific facts, on statistics, on the personal practice, to direct such people to personal individual and joint work to ensure eternal life for all. This work – it is clear that it is noble, it is creative, it can not have any restrictions in any country of the world, since the law protects creation. And in this regard, we are quite able to realize jointly eternal life for all in a short time.

And one more question regarding immortality. The question is as follows. In immortality, in the theory of eternity, how will the concepts of matrimony and relationships in society develop?

Answer I think: everything is the same. Eternal life is actually this level: man just lives eternally. And social and personal relations remain the same. And the task is to ensure eternal life for all with complete freedom of choice of any person, with the usual institution of the family, with ordinary social conditions of life.

The next questionDo you know people on the Earth who have reached the state of eternity that you preach? What distinguishes these people from others and how can they be recognized?

AnswerHere I can say that yes, there are such people who have reached the state of eternity, and many followers of my Teachings have achieved this state.

The difference is that the internal generation of the state of eternity occurs, which interacts with the outside world, and the world is reflected as an eternal structure; this is a special, so to speak, system of control.

And here, for those who implement my Teachings, here we can say that it is the level of the forecast control, application and development of methods of controlling clairvoyance, controlling action of the Soul, Spirit, and Consciousness when we can control the processes of the world, it contributes to the fact that this state of eternal life is realized in such a way that external factors fully correspond to this, then the person lives eternally. And at the same time, in order to be able to create the sustainability of this process, so that this process is stable for eternal time, it is clear that it is necessary to develop the ability to bring eternal life to all.

And when everyone has eternal life, in general, and all living beings, then it is clear that for everyone who has mastered the methodology and practice of eternal life, we have an absolutely stable picture of the world, which shows and proves that the world is eternal, everyone who has been born lives eternally.

It is clear that this concept includes the resurrection of all those who have left. And therefore, from the point of view of God, the Creator of the whole world, it is clear that by creating Himself eternal, He could define the world only as eternal. And those “technical”, so to say – well, in quotes – structures that have occurred and which should be just correlated, returning back to the law of eternal life, they can be easily overcome due to the Consciousness of humanity, and in a short time.

This concludes the answers to the questions. Once again, I thank all the participants of the cinema forum “Myths and Reality”. I wish you all harmonious eternal life.

©Грабовой Г.П.,2018

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