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Sublicense agreement PRK-1U

How to get for using the device for the development of concentrations PRK -1U according with the sublicense agreement.


Procedure for getting PRK-1U starts with testing of the device PRK-1U by the applicants . Testing can be done in two ways:

-In the office on the following address: Kneza Mihaila 21A, TC Milenijum, lok. 101, lok.113, Belgrade, Serbia.

-Via Skype

Testing time: from Monday to Friday, from 12-30 to 15-00 CET. Duration of testing is 30 minutes.

To get a device you need to send a request for PRK-1U  on e-mail  grigorii.grabovoi.pr@gmail.com with following information:

-Confirmation of intention to use the unit for the development of concentrations PRK -1U.

-First name and second name (from passport or birth certificate) of users.

-Skype name

-Desired time for testing (preferable few possible terms to choose from). Preferable language.

We will answer you with following information:   

-Confirmation of appointed time for testing the device or asking you to choose different terms.

-We send you the protocol of testing which you need to fill and sign after the test.

-Next step is to sign Agreement which contains all the necessary information for payment, producing and delivery of the device for the development of concentrations PRK -1U.