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Speech by Grigori Grabovoi at the film forum of the association “Myths and Reality”

Speech by Grigori Grabovoi at the film forum of the association “Myths and Reality”


I, Grigori Grabovoi, welcome the participants of the forum of the association “Myths and Reality” and present, for the forum, my lecture on the topic: “My Teaching about God. Getting forecast-oriented to eternal life information for the creation of technologies of eternal life”.

In this topic, I, first of all, consider how God acts as the Creator of the whole world and being the Creator of the whole world, and in the creation of eternity – and the world is eternal – where He first determines the field of information, which, figuratively speaking, is suitable for the creation of precisely eternal world, for eternity to be unshakable and ensured by some dynamic elements of development.

And here it is important to note that it is in the dynamics of development, when we are dealing with the technologies of interaction of dynamic systems with eternity, with infinitely remote events, there is the following question first: that when there is an interaction of any system in dynamics with another system, intermediate connections arise, well, for example for mechanisms, for tissue systems, that is, the force of friction, resistance, and so on. And the question arises how to overcome, so to speak, the wear and tear of materials, of their level of interaction in such a way that this interaction is eternal. And this answer for God: for Him it is clear that He is just eternal himself. And when we consider the question of prolonging the structure of the eternity of God on the elements of dynamic systems, then, in the levels of interaction, it is necessary to find infinite shades, infinite logical structures, mental, material and so on. And here it is important to consider the action of the soul when the soul as a system of eternity can in a certain way control this structure of interaction, well, as if at its discretion, with God’s help, of course, and the impulse of the soul that carries the light of eternity penetrates between these, so to say, interacting systems rubbing against each other.

And if we consider a very distant future when, for example, technical systems develop so rapidly that their qualitative level, in terms of impact on some large-scale levels, large-scale events, increases, it is important that the action of God, which was primarily extended to human created in his likeness, and further to the whole universe and the whole world, we can see that when creating machines, some technical systems that are created by human, it is important that there is the same impulse of interaction, the contact between the machine and human to ensure that further consequential, so to speak, material systems in the form of mechanisms, equipment, computer systems and so on, were in the conversational mode.

After all, God, interacting with people, He hears their appeals to Him. And in this case, proceeding from this, either correction of further events, or some changes in the qualitative level that allow a person to live eternally and provide himself with everything necessary take place at a certain mental level. And here I would just like to consider that to ensure that there is such information that is forecast-oriented, that is, the phase of the forecast should be where the different systems develop mutually.

After all, the further the machines develop, the more is the concentration of certain machine structures in the forecast phase. And here I would just like to talk about my device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK-1U, which has the level of self-setting when it is turned on. Together with the linked account, it becomes the individual system of control that helps a person, just in the forecast-oriented phase as well, due to the generation of the matter of eternal life, which is generated in the device, to build those events that have this aspect of eternity and in fact and in essence provide eternal life.

As I said, the impulse of the soul, the light of the soul, creates the structure of eternity between dynamic systems even for some material systems, which then can become and become eternal according to the law of eternity for the infinite world. And the world is infinite. And it turns out that we can see quite really with the use of those systems, such as PRK-1U, that help prolong thinking in the structure of future events. And in this case, if we consider a version of the operation of this system, for example, when I, on the basis of patents “Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization” and the “Information Carrying System”, as well as related patenting, dealt with the creation of the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK-1U, some questions have arisen that are not only of the functional plan for a specific time, but since the device works for the development of the concentration of eternal life, and for the controlling forecasting, they relate respectively, to the aspects of future development and establishing the basis of events that ensures eternal life.

And here a quite specific area of control has arisen that is associated with the field of understanding of further events and consists in the fact that this device, like a machine, and being a machine, allows to obtain a more dynamic response from the future from machine systems. And those systems that are in the future, the most diverse machines, they possess, at the informative level, often a qualitatively different way of the distribution of information in the area of collective consciousness. That is, same way as any machine has its own spectral characteristics, its own elements, which may be similar to the human consciousness in terms of the reaction of this machine to the surrounding reality, then this very device, if we speak at some comparative level, can transmit more information, for example, as a machine to a machine, because when a machine acts as a receiver of information, for example, PRK-1U, it is the transmission intensity, the informative layer from another machine, from its environment is more active in the future than the transmission of information that is carried out, for example, from the machine to a person in the future.

It turns out that because of the difference in tissue nature the wave synchronization processes are different, and more time is spent in this case. Well, in this case, perhaps, time is spent more just at the level of milliseconds, but for the infinite future this is very significant. Therefore, this device also realizes exactly the correct alignment of information in the distant future, which takes into account the development of machine systems and computer systems, and at the same time, it possesses, for example, such a function that is in the human organism, since the device has only two switches, but the third self-switching mode for the development of the dynamic phase of reality also operates there, well, that is described in my formula of general reality in the doctoral dissertation.

And just like the thought of human functions without adding the organism tissue. Therefore, similarity occurs here, so to say, according to the level of the model plan, when we consider the principle of the functioning of a system without the addition of an external material environment. It turns out that it can be perceived by human also like a living organism when it is removed to the space of the future at the level of thinking, and on the part of the machine it is perceived as an ordinary machine that operates in the focus of collective consciousness precisely as a machine.

That is, it turns out to be a kind of transmission link, and in the pulsed mode this device, in the pulsed periodic mode, where it is self-switched on, the third mode is switched on only on the two switches, it turns out that this differentiation occurs between the impulses, it means the waves of information between the impulses. It is a machine wave coming from the future, which can be recognized and taken under control, or it is often a wave from some non-material systems. And when the wave of light is exactly the impulse of light, then this is the action of life extended to eternity.

And, considering that impulseness is after all, in fact, the principle of coexistence of different systems. Biological life does not intersect in this case, with another system if we consider light as an element of life, offering an effect into infinity, because the impulse, that is, the moment when the light turns off, it is a different material medium for the entire space, that is the absence of photons of light. And it turns out that when it is turned on, when the life is initiated, the photons emerge, if it is turned off, they do not emerge. And it turns out that photons still emerge in the same environment that exists, that is, the maximum infinite environment in the outer space.

And here it turns out that exactly the principle of inducing, that is, the beginning of action, always belongs to life. That is, life is initially infinite and eternal, it covers the whole world (it is clearly visible in this case: the whole space) and it is a priority in the development of the world, civilization of any order, including the places where machines are developed. And therefore life in principle, by and large does not have a conflict nature in infinity, that is, it can develop eternally. This is why God, who created life, is eternally alive, He is also in many ways eternal, because He knows how to overcome the various contradictions that arise in any mechanical systems, including biological ones. And He knows absolutely what to do both at the level of creating these systems and at the level infinitely removed by the phase of their future events. Because He has not just the forecast-oriented information in the usual order to ensure the future, but He simultaneously builds this forecast, He is the builder of everything.

And so proceeding from this, it is also necessary to build the forecast in the forecast-oriented information to ensure eternity, the information of the forecast itself, in such way that the development of this information would lead to eternity for all, to eternal life for all.

And in this case, if we consider directly the work of the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U, which is now on the screen, then you can see, for example, in the lower corner the flashing that occurs in the pulse-periodic mode, at the same time it is possible to use the digits which are near the lenses. And, using the work of the lens along with the flashing color, you can practically make it so that there is a connection of the impulse with the light that you left in the lens structure.

That is, when you look at the lenses, you have a sensation that is visual and emerges from the lenses, from the comparability of this object, and you can also perceive that when you look at the lens, you can leave some element of light inside the lens. And then, when you look at this pulse-periodic flashing, it is possible to build this future, so that the forecast-oriented phase is stable, thus: the light that is left in the lens that characterizes, and you can fill it with the meaning of the normal events of the future for all, of ensuring eternal life for all, the solution of your private issues under this global system of structuring the control. And in fact, it is like the Law of Reality, in fact, you just use this Law.

Then you should consider the impulse that is generated by the device, as the dynamics that is created by people in the consequential level, because people have created the machines, and the machines, which then give response and extend the action in the reverse order, it is quite possible to see, if we look from the future at the images of the machines of the future, and we see how they interact with this very technical impulse and then by connecting the light to the level of thinking that comes from the impulse inside the nature of the light impulse, inside the operating device, and then we see inside the structure of this device, so to speak of its natural-organization, how the impulse interacts with the inner space, with the internal optics.

Then we withdraw all these optical watched systems to the light left in the physical lens on the upper surface of the device, near the digits. And what’s more, we can fix this light, for example, by the number eight or some numbers that you like, for example, by your birth year, by your birth date, a set of some figures that you have, or, for example, number series that I have in the textbooks on my Teachings. And this light in the lens becomes the controlling light, which interacts with the structure of the device itself, which generates eternal life, the matter of eternal life, that is, it operates quite functionally and directionally. The vector of this work is such that you can see its work in fact at the level of the infinite future, and while working in real current time.

And in term of the qualitative characteristics of this device, it is possible, by practice, to observe such a fact that this device, having been operating for more than two years and not having a single negative result, when many people interact at the level of collective consciousness with the level of development of this device in terms of the concentration of eternal life, which ensures eternal life, then comparing the facts that characterize namely the complex work, we can see that very remote events that are the events of eternity are reflected on the device system, and on human. Man perceives by his whole inner essence, by the whole physical body, connected with the Soul, with the Spirit, with Consciousness, with all the elements of his Personality, as a certain concentrate namely of all the forces of eternal life.

And eternal life, which comes from any systems overcoming the structure, this matter of this device, through lenses you get this knowledge. And this knowledge becomes accessible. Why, with the help of this device – (there is a very high level of statistics), thinking improves in terms of resolving various issues, which, sometimes, for example, were very difficult to solve. And at the same time in the control structure it is evident that control is being performed with the help of the device.

Naturally, since the task of any equipment is to teach consciousness the methods of eternal life, to work in a similar way, then it is a fact that from a certain level of development, when a person starts working with the device and reaches a higher level, when he again begins to work with the device, he starts developing further from this level. Here, a certain law of interaction of human and technical systems is developed. That is, human is in the form of a supporting structure, if he considers any equipment, he must develop further.

Then we, naturally, that is humanity, lead in the area of development of future processes. Therefore, it is possible to be trained namely correctly on this device, from the point of view of the fundamental laws of the World, to overcome some future tense events related to the development of technical systems. It is possible to control, in the current time, in the complicated situation with technical systems, when using the device, it is visible that it is possible to control more massive environments, which often fix in the collective consciousness at the level of some large-scale areas, because they work as if in single-functional systems.

Well, in this case, it can be explained so: if we consider a large city and consider such a function that there many drivers who are behind the steering wheels of cars, and they look at the road and basically follow the same rules. That is, it turns out that the collective consciousness in this case is determined by the fact that the car has this shape and has a steering wheel, and several specific actions of people are required because it moves along the road. And if we consider large factories, some global systems, such as watching TV, computers, the Internet, then quite large areas arise in the collective consciousness because a person acts under the conditions created by the machines for the machines to function.

And, on the one hand, a person pays special attention to this and has a certain algorithm of actions, and on the other hand it turns out there is a kind of dependence on machines in terms of the fact that the person follows certain rules, and this is necessary in this case, since the machine requires such attention to run it. So to avoid, in the infinite future, creating such a strong distraction of human consciousness for the control of super-complex machines, in this case, exactly the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK-1U makes  it possible in the setup phase, where there is a primary impulse;  my discovery “The Creating Field of Information”, which was registered long ago in the Chamber of Intellectual Novelty exactly describes that the creating area has a one-pulse nature.

For example, God, who created everything, created all reality simultaneously, including the element of self-creation of God Himself by Himself. And if we proceed from this, these boundary conditions that arise in the collective consciousness, certain rigid information structures, such as following the fact that the machine must be run, therefore, many people have to think the same. And such areas, certain fractals, occur in the collective consciousness, which have the same type of nature, for example, the driver looks at the road. This form of information begins to glow more and other forms of information that are related to the private life of people, with some hobbies, discoveries, education, they are formed (if we consider the entire mass of collective consciousness exactly as mass, the mass, which is produced practically, say, due to time and due to a certain mass that has even dimensions) due to the volume, for example, in different systems people think differently, they have some local thoughts that concern global systems of development, and when people run machines, they have the thought of the same type, and this mass starts glowing in the collective consciousness.

And here the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK-1U, in the third mode, in the pulse-periodic mode, well, and in principle in the second mode of development of the stationary phase of reality as well, can practically level up this filling of the collective consciousness namely with those means, which, when necessary, form a certain conditional – to a certain extent – but control over human consciousness.

After all, consciousness of man should be absolutely free, regardless of the number of machines and regardless of what machines man runs. God, who created the whole World, is absolutely independent, and He is the Creator of this World, He controls everything. Accordingly, whatever complex machines are, they must be controlled by free consciousness.

And when we, for example, speak of a universal resurrection, when the collective consciousness must be very concentrated for this action, when ensuring eternal life also depends on the development of concentration namely on the idea and practice of eternal life for all, it is important to have independence of consciousness from any kind of robotic systems developing in the future, from any structures of the machine world.

And in this case, making those machines conversational, just like I said today in the lecture that, for example, a person, when addressing God, hears a response from Him, His Help, His Eternal Good, and at the same time he can know what God wants, and interact with Him at a level, for example, of a partnership, even, one can put it this way in some cases, although it is clear that God gives more than a partnership, He gives eternal life, self-sufficient, independent eternal life for all.

And it turns out that machines, having such elements as in the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life the three-mode PRK-1U, can also be in dialog systems. For example, in my patent “Information Carrying System” there is a transmission of a mental signal to any distance, and this principle is used in this device, because it is possible to turn on and work at any time, via a web-based account of video monitoring of the device working round the clock, and any distance to the physical device does not matter.

But when a person works, having a physical device near him, and the account for video monitoring of the duplicating device is attached to each physical device, the system of the duplicating devices includes the technology of ensuring eternal life where a better multiple redundancy of any system should be. And then the effect is intensified further. And it turns out that by supplying these systems through Internet monitoring, through presence near the person, and when the device is present near the person, then in a radius of three meters in connection with the generation of the field or, so to speak, the matter of eternal life, it also has the effect of action, even if a person does not look at the lenses. So, but to work through the Internet, you have to look at the lenses, then the effect of the action arises.

And in this case, combining, so to say, well, what has been said now into that process meaning that it is necessary to be able to interact with other machines in the interactive version, this is just the dialog system. It, on the one hand, controls external sources of global information, such as the Internet, in terms of the fact that this information is already a substructure of our control, and the uncontrolled one, that is, the account on the Internet through which you control the events is a mechanism of control. And it takes under control the network system of the Internet space, and it becomes safe. That is, further you can do anything and more efficiently in the Internet environment, but at the same time you control through the account.

At the same time, at the physical level, the device is the element of control of the generation of matter of eternal life for living organisms, and at the same time your personal physical control also increases. That is, the “device – web-account” system covers now all known control structures related to both living organism and currently known information complex, such as the Internet environment.

And proceeding from this, if we consider the reality of eternal life as a structure that exists now – and many of the followers of my Teachings, I consider that they can already provide eternal life for themselves – the reality here is that if we can, at the level of the control structure, go into controllability not only of the external environment, but also in the controllability of the space created by us, the information space, such as the Internet, for example, where there are specific laws of development, co-development, then it turns out that man for the whole infinite future is absolutely protected from any problematic systems that could deteriorate his eternal development in some way. Well, for example, there appears some third system, which, for example, is similar to the Internet, but has the characteristics of direct access from consciousness – and here, setting out a quality principle of the control, built on the dialog mode, when the creator controls the created thing, we can be quite confident that in this case, time no longer matters for development.

That is, it is possible to develop eternally, and every next level of development will be practically identical to the fact that with the primary impulse of creating reality God already knew everything about the eternity of the development of any living organism. And the similarity after all is not only that, for example, a person has a form similar to the physical body of God, but that the living organism, the Living God, creates life everywhere. Any life is eternal. I consider the element of life as a structure of the development of eternity at a given moment or at some time period. In order to bring out life, the light of life of all living beings who have ever begun to live, existed, to develop increasingly into the area of construction of that collective consciousness where all are eternally alive, where that space and events are created where all living beings are eternally alive, it is important in this case to involve in this control special technical systems that make it possible to develop human consciousness, and each person separately, at first those who, for example, follow this technology of my Teachings, do control according to the ideas of eternal life, which may be in other copyright technologies, and which already exist, and there are a lot of them now in the world, and they, of course, support these author’s technologies, exactly the light of the Teachings of eternal life, precisely the structure of eternal life.

And thus, uniting the actions into quite different levels, when we can together, everyone who follows the author’s technologies, who personally develops into the area of eternal life, build that beautiful, so to speak, future which is already now effective in many ways for many who realize eternal life in their concrete actions, and here the use of the devices can be extremely necessary in those cases when a very powerful intensification of action in the collective consciousness is needed.

And as I said that, for example, the way of compensation from the action of machines in the future can be a machine, for example, this very three-mode PRK-1U, or there can be a system that is built on this principle. For example, the device for the development of concentrations, the three-mode PRK-1U is being implemented now in the field of modifications in the medical sphere – this is a separate device. And in this case, it is now being developed in the structure, which is now connected with the medical subject. But in the work of this modified specific device, in such a situation that when a person, for example, goes to a polyclinic, into some kind of medical structure, and he cannot concentrate, for example, the device should work independently. That is, to develop a structure that is analogous to the structure of consciousness and, thus to equalize in the collective consciousness, that is, to normalize the structure of the person.

That is, at some moments such devices are extremely necessary to strengthen the universal construction of that eternal life where every element of life that has ever begun will live, develop, and exist eternally. And even if the environment of life changes, for example: life has been created, but the external environment has changed, – such structures are needed, which, at that time, will compensate for the absence of the environment, and the life that has begun has to continue developing in the natural level and exist eternally.

Therefore, it is clear that rather powerful equipment is also necessary for this direction that, working for some time, will make it possible due to the development on an increasingly large scale of, for example, the controlling clairvoyance, of the controlling forecasting in people, and it will enable us to understand more how this equipment works, and then human, due to his consciousness, will perform the same functions that, for example, such a technical system performed, and the technical system can be developed further accordingly. In this way, the development of the technical systems will take place in a special direction, that is, to a greater extent as systems that simultaneously develop the person himself, that is, human consciousness, his spirit, enabling the human soul to open up more and to act more broadly, more comprehensively and simultaneously into infinity. That is, this is the equipment that essentially develops all the structures of the personality.

And that is why, when we talk about, getting that forecast-oriented information for eternity that provides eternal life, it is necessary of course, to take into account various technical systems in the future that as I have told you now, in today’s lecture, can, accordingly, work for the future not only as if by the functions of the current time, but also create eternal future for everyone to ensure eternal life of all. At the same time, this future should be provided with eternity in a systemic way, and this must be done now, starting from this moment. In this case, naturally, as everyone understands, the equipment that works round the clock always helps, but in this case, it just helps at the level of another principle of the development of equipment, the equipment, which develops humanity into eternity, and creates the systems of training human into eternity, and when human has already enabled himself to live eternally, and it will be helping him in the future.

And if, for example, you want to use the technologies of my Teachings, including the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life the three-mode PRK-1U, you can see various practical results at the grigori-grabovoi.world website, as well as the methods of use of this device, how this device is used and in what control systems.

And it is possible, I am always ready for cooperation, to develop jointly this direction, which helps and implements the eternal life of man and all people, and of equipment, as well as, of course, the Teachings technologies themselves in the form of teaching materials, because my training program in different languages is attached to this device for development of the concentrations of eternal life, the tree-mode PRK-1U. And the work with the device enables you to accelerate learning to ensure eternal life for all.

Naturally, having, therefore, precisely this kind of theoretical material, practical material, which is intensified by the work of the device, we can ensure eternal life for all, and this can be done fairly, well, relatively quickly.

This concludes my today’s lecture. Thank you all for your attention. I wish everyone a harmonious eternal life.

©Грабовой Г.П.,2018

The answers of Grigori Grabovoi to questions

asked by the participants of the film forum “Myths and Reality”

Hello. I will now answer the questions asked by the participants of the cinema forum “Myths and Reality”.

The first question – More than two thousand years ago, Jesus already spoke about eternal life. We have the impression that the public consciousness is still far from this understanding of reality. What is your opinion?

Answer – In my opinion, the public consciousness has advanced in the understanding of this opinion, because the current civilization has a lot of means and methods for realizing eternal life from the point of view of technologies of control due to the development of Consciousness, Spirit, Soul; through the interaction of the body with the Consciousness and the Soul, and the Spirit; the systems of development of control over these processes, which are controllable by the human Consciousness, and at the same time the development of scientific and technical means which contribute precisely to the realization of eternal life.

And I think that in this connection, to a greater extent, it is a certain structure that should be increased in adapting to the process of eternal life, this structure can be more clearly identified in the form of precisely explanatory events among the population, among the training systems. In this, of course, there is still little information. For example, in textbooks of secondary schools, and, perhaps, they are only in some indirect versions. There is little information in the programs of higher educational institutions.

In this case, as soon as the educational resource is increased, the opinion of Christ about eternal life, about the necessity for its realization, of course, will be distributed everywhere and technologically secured.

And in this case, I can say one thing: the technologies to ensure eternal life, which are practically based on the maximum number of known structures substantiated by the scientific methods, and the methods of development of Consciousness, Soul, Spirit are being implemented under my trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI®,

And in this regard, we can say that, for example, yes, if you consider my patents, such as “Method of prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization” and “Information Carrying System”, they show quite concretely that due to a biosignal, due to the radiation of thought, that is spelled out directly by these words in these patents, it is possible to interact with the external environment, in principle, as it follows logically, and it is clear from the texts of the patents, as well as from the references to scientific publications, for example, in the journal “Electronic equipment”, that the scientific part of the process is researched quite well, it is described by the methods of orthodox mathematics according to my theory of wave synthesis, and if also to consider the formula of general reality, which I implemented in my dissertation. Therefore, it turns out that after all the use of scientific tools that objectify many processes in the universe, they make it possible to demonstrate in a systemic way the possibility and necessity of realizing eternal life for all.

In this regard, so to say, as a summary, we can say that for the current time the civilization has developed enough to ensure eternal life for all. The task is precisely in the universal introduction of the most promising means of implementing for all a common, as if a general, concept of control in this particular direction of ensuring eternal life for all. Therefore, it is quite possible to say that there are enough means currently to ensure that the realization of namely eternal life for all within some quite short, so to say, time has been implemented. And it is desirable in this direction, I believe, to support the opinion of all those who believe that the provision of eternal life for all is the direction that is necessary for humanity, and in general for any living being.

The next question – The scriptures of all religions, indicate a certain critical mass, which must be achieved in order for the Earth to be elevated. You go further. You are talking about eternal life, and your program is aimed at the universal salvation of mankind. Universal salvation, eternal life, what difference do you mean in these two terms?

Answer – My Teachings have a direction of salvation, including from a possible global catastrophe, and a direction of eternal harmonious development. And in this regard, I put a certain technological sense into these two terms, because in order to ensure eternal life for all, it is necessary, at least, to save from a possible global catastrophe, it is necessary to provide local eternal life for every living being.

Therefore, it turns out that the task of salvation is exactly as the primary task, and it is realized in those cases, if indeed we are talking about the need to use such a construction as a rescue. After all, there may be just universal harmonious and eternal development, the realization of the harmony of eternal life for all, but in the case of applying the structure of salvation, I imply nonetheless exactly the technology of rescue as a tool to ensure eternal life, protection of eternal life in case of some critical states, situations and the like.

The next question – What does it mean to be eternal for a human being living on our Earth?

Answer – I can say that in the usual sense, and as it was originally laid from the Creator, from God, eternity is understood exactly as it is understood. That is, there must be the eternal Soul, there must be the eternal body, there must be the eternal Spirit, and eternal Consciousness. And if in general to say in one word it is including all the structures corresponding to the person, and in general all the structures corresponding to the living being.

The next question. Is there freedom to travel to other worlds for a man who has become eternal on Earth?

Answer – The fact is that the answer here is obvious: when a person becomes eternal, then, accordingly, he can study for an unlimited time in any direction. And to travel to any worlds becomes an executable task knowingly. And it is clear that, in a very large amount of time, it is possible to learn everything. And as I said in the previous answer to the previous question, that when all personality structures become eternal, then, accordingly, it is possible to develop eternally and to develop each structure.

It is possible to develop more the interaction between these structures or, for example, to develop them eternally as well, which will happen in practice: the interaction between the physical body and Consciousness, the interaction between the Spirit, Consciousness and the physical body, the interaction between the Soul and the physical body.

All these processes, with detailed study, with long-term scientific study, with the basis on the religious context of science, can show such extensive results in the control of both one’s physical body and the structures of external space, that for the time being we are only talking about some aspects of such possibilities. And now it is clear at the level of ordinary logic, that since there is a dual principle of matter, that is, it can be considered as a particle and wave environment, and Consciousness is a wave, that is, through Consciousness, it is possible to affect the wave structure and thereby strengthen the physical matter or make it eternal.

And generally speaking, in connection with this, some technical systems may also help, for example, the implemented now device for development of concentration of eternal life PRK-1U, which has three modes. And there, depending on the mode, there is a development of Consciousness by interacting with the structure of matter, which makes it possible to create eternal body at the level of spiritual action, of the life-giving Spirit, so to say, practically due to the external control.

And with a certain skill, with a certain practice, and systemic work, this control may be eternal, it only increases in the experience, increases in effectiveness. Therefore, it turns out that we are able not just to create such structures there for traveling to other worlds, but at the same time it is possible to configure external worlds in a certain way, to create them. And to spread the control in this vector, so to speak, namely of eternal development of the whole world, eternal without any conditions.

The next question – You have made the universal salvation of mankind your main subject. Do you think that the number of followers of your Teachings is large enough to start this process, that is, to avoid a possible catastrophe of all alive on Earth?

Answer – Well, the matter is that the universal salvation of mankind is precisely in the realization of eternal life for all mankind requires compulsory action on the part of mankind, that is, every member of mankind, and in the perspective of every living being. And it turns out that, of course, the followers of the Teachings do a lot now and really they can prevent catastrophes and realize the provision of eternal life in their own tasks of control. But this task to obtain these skills, these practical abilities applies to everyone. And depending on the time, on the possibility to master any material, each person should participate in this process, then the provision of eternal life to everyone in some short time will be guaranteed.

And therefore, we can say that even when the entire population will be basically covered by this particular task — everyone will be able to realize eternal life for himself and all — the task of educating new born people will be, in principle, comparable to the fact that explanation again is required, and a special educational level is required for those who will be born. And they, of course, will be born in a more prepared social environment, but at the same time the educational program of such an organization of society, when everyone realizes eternal life, this program will be constantly maintained due to the constant birth and of more and more people and all living beings with each time interval.

The next question – Is the energy level of a resurrected person and a living person the same?

Answer – Yes, precisely from the point of view of energy there is no difference. From the point of view of the action generally, with the universal resurrection, the event of interrupting life becomes irrelevant for the resurrected, so here we have also to take into account that exactly after the factor of the universal resurrection it turns out that the level is practically comparable in all aspects: both of the living, and the resurrected.

The next question – Can an artificial intelligence combined with a biological system use the technologies of eternal life or to steal them?

Answer – The artificial intelligence must be controlled by humanity. In this regard by the way, such systems as PRK-1U make it possible to develop the thought to such extent as to control technical systems. And here, given that there are, for example, such areas as the development of intelligent machines, artificial intelligence, the fact that artificial intelligence can use some elements concerning the technologies of eternal life, in fact there may be a positive direction, associated with the fact that special technologies to ensure eternal life can be developed, which make it possible, on the contrary, to help people ensure eternal life.

And in my device for the development of concentration of eternal life the three-mode PRK-1U, the third mode is turned on due to the electromagnetic circuit, it is not turned on by a separate switch forcibly, that is, there are two switches and three modes. And there is a certain logic of control there that relates to the work of artificial intelligence, which is implemented in an accessible scheme.

And it makes it possible to realize exactly the direction of eternal life in infinity, the one that will help people live eternally. Because the implementation of the elements of artificial intelligence in an accessible scheme is a new perspective in mechanical engineering, where it is required to lay the maximum number of actions in the scheme containing the maximum number of elements.

And then we receive exactly the aspect of eternity for machines, machines become not dangerous, and this ideology is incorporated in the device PRK-1U. So, artificial intelligence can be controlled by various means: by mathematical — I am a programmer by education as well, since there was a programming course at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the University. And it is possible to lay the structure of control by software means, when machines will not be able to use somehow, precisely in a negative sense, to hamper humanity and all living things develop and live forever.

The next question – What is your message to those who listen to you and those who work together with you for the sake of raising the level of Consciousness and universal salvation?

Answer – Well, the fact is that I always have a call to ensure eternal life for all and it is necessary to work for this. I am grateful to those who are now implementing this direction in many ways.  And at the same time I can say that by joint efforts, naturally, we will strive for and achieve the provision of eternal life to all in a shorter time. And I urge all participants in this process to appeal actively to those who are not yet involved in this process, or is involved little.

And to try in explanatory conversations, through education, by persuasion with a foundation on scientific facts, on statistics, on the personal practice, to direct such people to personal individual and joint work to ensure eternal life for all. This work – it is clear that it is noble, it is creative, it can not have any restrictions in any country of the world, since the law protects creation. And in this regard, we are quite able to realize jointly eternal life for all in a short time.

And one more question regarding immortality. The question is as follows. In immortality, in the theory of eternity, how will the concepts of matrimony and relationships in society develop?

Answer – I think: everything is the same. Eternal life is actually this level: man just lives eternally. And social and personal relations remain the same. And the task is to ensure eternal life for all with complete freedom of choice of any person, with the usual institution of the family, with ordinary social conditions of life.

The next question – Do you know people on the Earth who have reached the state of eternity that you preach? What distinguishes these people from others and how can they be recognized?

Answer – Here I can say that yes, there are such people who have reached the state of eternity, and many followers of my Teachings have achieved this state.

The difference is that the internal generation of the state of eternity occurs, which interacts with the outside world, and the world is reflected as an eternal structure; this is a special, so to speak, system of control.

And here, for those who implement my Teachings, here we can say that it is the level of the forecast control, application and development of methods of controlling clairvoyance, controlling action of the Soul, Spirit, and Consciousness when we can control the processes of the world, it contributes to the fact that this state of eternal life is realized in such a way that external factors fully correspond to this, then the person lives eternally. And at the same time, in order to be able to create the sustainability of this process, so that this process is stable for eternal time, it is clear that it is necessary to develop the ability to bring eternal life to all.

And when everyone has eternal life, in general, and all living beings, then it is clear that for everyone who has mastered the methodology and practice of eternal life, we have an absolutely stable picture of the world, which shows and proves that the world is eternal, everyone who has been born lives eternally.

It is clear that this concept includes the resurrection of all those who have left. And therefore, from the point of view of God, the Creator of the whole world, it is clear that by creating Himself eternal, He could define the world only as eternal. And those “technical”, so to say – well, in quotes – structures that have occurred and which should be just correlated, returning back to the law of eternal life, they can be easily overcome due to the Consciousness of humanity, and in a short time.

This concludes the answers to the questions. Once again, I thank all the participants of the cinema forum “Myths and Reality”. I wish you all harmonious eternal life.

©Грабовой Г.П.,2018

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