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R E P O R T  N  41/93

R E P O R T N 41/93

        APPROVED                                                                              APPROVED

Director of the information                                                  Deputy Director General
and computing services centre                                            of the National Airline of
of the National Airline of the                                               the Republic of Uzbekistan
Republic of Uzbekistan

       N.R.Morozkina                                                                S.M. Sumbaev
2 July 1993                                                                 3 July 1993

       R E P O R T   N  41/93

on extrasensory works on the extrasensory investigation
of the serious incident with the helicopter KA-26 side number 19501,
happened on May 17 1993
carried out by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi

     We, the  undersigned,  the  executor  of  works  the extrasense G.P.Grabovoi  and  representatives  of  the  Customer:   a   leading pilot-examiner  of  the  department  of  the examination of the main inspection on state regulation and supervision of the Civil Aviation of  the Republic of Uzbekistan V.F.Balakirev,  a head of engineering and information  centre  of  aviation  and  technical  base  of  the National  Airline  of  the  Republic of Uzbekistan V.M.Saulkin and a senior project engineer of engineering  and  information  centre  of aviation  and  technical base of National Airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan S.V.Nemtzov drew up the present report that  G.P.Grabovoi carried  out  undermentioned extrasensory works on the agreement N 3 of 07.07.1993 in May 1993 on the subject “Study of a craft technical devices  effect  on  pilot  during  flights  for increase of flights safety”. According to the order of May 17, N 163 on the investigation of the  incident  with  the  helicopter   KA-26   side   number   19501 G.P.Grabovoi  gave the information on the determination of the cause of the serious incident and the direct culprit and  his  description taking into account attendant causes. On May 17 before  he  went  to  the  place,  G.P.Grabovoi  gave recommendations on working version,  taking into account the lack of flight parameters register and airborne tape recorder  that  allowed to  commission  to  get  full facts and limit the circle of required witnesses and in conditions of desert,  summer hot and  difficulties with  transportation  means  on  the territory of neighbouring state (Republic  of  Turkmenistan)  was  the  basis  of   the   succussful investigation. G.P.Grabovoi gave the following  information  to  V.F.Balakirev the chairman of the commission the leading inspector:

  1. The cause of the incident was the carelessness of the  crew and lack of quick actions due to the tiredness of the pilot.
  2. To question the man, in accordance  with  the  duties,  who corresponds  to  the  discription,  given  to  the  chairman  of the commission.

All recommendations  were  confirmed  by  facts  on the incident causes and the description was fully coinsided with the apperance of the  aircraft  commander  –  Nazarov.  Taking  into account the full coincidence of the information by  G.P.Grabovoi  with  reality,  the

                     Sheet N  2  Report N 41/93

information before the investigation beginning is more efficent from the point of view of  economies  of  working  time,  the  most  full informatiton on events “on fresh tracks”.

      Executor of works       Representatives of the Customer:


                              Leading pilot-examiner of the

                              department of the examination of

                              the chief inspection on state

                              regulation and supervision of

                              the Civil Aviation of the

                              Republic of Uzbekistan


                              Head of engineering and information

                              centre of aviation technical base

                              of National Airlines of the

                              Republic of Uzbekistan


                              Senior project engineer of engineering

                              and information centre of aviation

                              technical base of the National Airline

                              of the Republic of Uzbekistan



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