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REPORT N 38/92

REPORT N 38/92

APPROVED                                    APPROVED
Director  of the State                    Deputy Director General
Introduction scientific                 of the National Airline of
and production enterprise         the Republic of Uzbekistan

                A.V. Zaitzev                     S.M. Sumbaev
23 November 1992            23 November 1992

R E P O R T   N  38/92

on extrasensory works on extrasensory diagnostics
of caissons of the aircrafts carried out
by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi
in October – November 1992

     We, the undersigned,  the  executor  of  works  the  extrasense G.P.Grabovoi   and  representatives  of  the  Customer:  a  head  of engineering and information centre of aviation and technical base of the  National  Airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan V.M.Saulkin,  a head of the base test-repair metrological laboratory of Aviation and technical base of the National Airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.V.Shatilov,  a  senior  project  engineer   of   engineering   and information  centre  of  aviation  and  technical  base  of National Airline of the  Republic  of  Uzbekistan  S.V.Nemtzov  drew  up  the present   report   that   G.P.Grabovoi  carried  out  undermentioned extrasensory works on the agreement N 14/92  of  04.  07.92  on  the subject   “Non-traditional   methods   of  diagnostics  of  aviation technique” between the State introduction scientific and  production enterprise  “PROGRESS”  and  the National Airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Uzbekistan Khavo Yullari”.

The purpose of the work was to determine the causes of  leakage and recommendations on it’s elimination. G.P.Grabovoi on the order transferred to him on 06.10.1992 from the  engineering  and  information  centre of aviation and technical base carried out diagnostics of the zone state of the  fuel  leakage on  the  aircraft  TU-154  side  number  85370  where works on their elimination were carried out  in  conditions  of  the  aviation  and technical base (a shop N 2).

G.P.Grabovoi gave the following extrasensory  information:  “On the left half wing in the zone of the joint of removable part of the wing with the centre wing (below) and on the right  half  wing  with the  root part of the third frame above the shock strut (in the zone of the fixture of bracing lifter) there is no leakage on the results of the first fuelling”.

The information was given after  the  conduction  of  works  on sealing the described areas before the fuelling of the aircraft.
Additionally G.P.Grabovoi gave the perspective prediction after several flights:

 “After several flights the leakage on the right half wing  will occur first as in a form of fogging, then evidently”.

Both information by G.P.Grabovoi was fully confirmed. After the  first fuelling there was no leakage,  several flight were carried out without remarks.  On Nomember 23 there  was  a  note  on leakage on the right half-wing in the chart of failures.

                     Sheet N  2  Report N 38/92

     We can conclude:  It is desirable to carry out the extrasensory diagnostics  of  caissons of aircrafts with simultaneously survey of the future to carry out preventive works for defects elimination. Thus all  extrasensory  information  by  G.P.Grabovoi  obtained during his work on diagnostics of caissons of  the  aircraft  TU-154 side number 85370 was fully confirmed.

     Executor of works        G.P.Grabovoi

Representatives of the Customer: Head of engineering and information centre of aviation technical base of National Airlines of the Republic of Uzbekistan V.M.Saulkin

Senior project engineer of engineering and information centre of aviation technical base of the National Airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan S.V.Nemtzov


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