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Questions of the host at the interview for the German public translation into English. May 30, 2017

Questions of the host at the interview for the German public translation into English. May 30, 2017

Interview of Grigori Grabovoi

Questions of the host at the interview for the German public translation into English. May 30, 2017

Dear viewers, the upcoming meeting will be very special. My guest is one of the most outstanding people of our planet, one of the most outstanding people in Russia, and this is a very special pleasure, it is an honor to have the opportunity to speak with him personally. Welcome!

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I would like to thank you for the opportunity for me to give the interview, and I would like to talk about myself briefly. I, Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, was born on November 14, 1963 in the village of Bogara of the village of Kirov, Kirovsky district, of Chimkent region of Kazakhstan. I graduated from school in Kazakhstan, then graduated from Tashkent State University with a degree in Mechanics at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. And then I worked in the Tashkent Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, this is the Ministry of General Mechanical Engineering. The kind of activity was the space instrumentation, various objects related to orbital complexes. Then I worked in the Scientific Research Enterprise “Scientific Center”, where I also was the head of postgraduate study. And now I work in Spain in the field of space instrumentation. At the same time, I develop my Teachings, the direction of which is to ensure eternal life for everyone, and, accordingly, according to this task I also conduct scientific research, and create my own devices, such as, for example, PRK-1U, the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life. And I can say that I patent the inventions in the field of instrumentation, which give opportunity to all people to use this equipment.

Question: How did you come, I would say, to your calling? At what age did it manifest itself? How did people, the environment, react to these special abilities, to this calling?

Grabovoi G.P. – Firstly, I thought that seeing something happening at a distance from me, something that is not visible to the physical sight, was the usual norm, and therefore children used to address to me in childhood in order to know who was where. I told them, but at the same time I thought that everyone could do it. A little later it turned out that this ability referred to the ability of clairvoyance. And when it was more specifically used by me during my studies, when I could give answers without solving problems, it was already objectified at that time I had a special ability, and they reacted very positively to it. That is, the children, when I went to school, asked for more advice. There are even video recordings that were made on the part of the UN in the place of my residence in Kazakhstan. They asked my classmates, and they remembered the cases that, for example, I told someone not walk on a log, because the person would fall. The person did not obey, for example, and fell. And they perceived me as a person who helps with his advice. And so, in general, the attitude of others was very good. Because in general I think it is always useful to have the ability in addition to what can be done simply through the logical level.

Question: There are many people who are engaged in the study of consciousness. What is the difference between your approach to this work and what distinguishes you from other researchers of consciousness?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I think in general, that the direction of researching consciousness by progressive means is a direction that is very necessary for people in general. In my studies, I proceed from what I specifically do myself. That is, I myself use, for example, controlling clairvoyance or controlling forecasting. I get convinced of this. Then I conduct scientific research. Since I have a physical and mathematical education, I do physical and mathematical calculations at the same time, including patenting the results of my works. Therefore, I use the orthodox science, which makes it possible to objectify many processes, and, in those cases when orthodox and well-known science do not give an exact solution, I create my own structures both scientific and research, and I supplement the field of research for obtaining the result. The goal of all these actions is to ensure eternal life for all. And therefore, this practice is very abundant with practical results, which I also objectify both through the scientific way and by my personal practice, and there is also the vast practice of the followers.

Question: The media often associated your name the theme of “Beslan”. What were the problems there, what is behind this, since they wrote and talked a lot about this?

Grabovoi G.P. – Hence, after the tragedy in Beslan, after the terrorist act, a criminal case was opened on April 20, 2006. It was registered in the ruling on the initiation of the case, that there had been supposedly promises of the resurrection of children in Beslan. However, as a result of the preliminary investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office and also as a result of the judicial investigation, in the acquittal part of the July 7, 2008 verdict, it was perfectly clear that there were no victims in Beslan, and therefore that information was disproved. In addition, in the framework of the criminal procedure code, the lawyer Vyacheslav Konev sent out questionnaires, and completely all the victims of the terrorist act replied that there had been no such promise. Therefore, according to the prejudice of the court verdict, it is clear that this information was not substantiated and, accordingly, it has now been refuted by the judiciary.

Question: Do we face, in the media, in this case, something like this as we would say today, “false news”, a fabricated lie, to misinform people through the media as a result?

Grabovoi G.P. – Yes. It happened so that now there is already a pre-judicial meaning of the verdict, based on which it is clear that this was misinformation.

Question: On May 23, 2017, there was also a “false”, negative forecast for the future concerning Germany, and your lawyer, Vyacheslav Konev, filed a complaint. What was the reason in general for the appearance of such a message? And was there any reaction to this complaint from your lawyer?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, in this case again it was unreasonable, untrue information of the media. First, one of the Ukrainian publications published that I supposedly made a forecast concerning Germany. And the specifics of the text was such that I supposedly talked about a possible almost feudal disunity, which may occur in the future. Well, firstly, the one who wrote the forecast, probably just does not know that within the framework of the school curriculum it is absolutely clear that the socio-economic formation, i.e., the feudalism has already been passed, and therefore, naturally, I could not have given such a forecast even in such a wording. And here I must say that after all, I have a higher education and I know economic laws from the point of view of my education. And it is obvious that Germany, which has a developed science-intensive production, will naturally develop within its capabilities. And it is absolutely clear that to bring the matter to the point that there is some territorial fragmentation in a science-intensive country is completely untrue. Therefore, even on the basis of my economic educational levels, I would have not be able to give such a forecast. Accordingly, we are now the party of protection, so to say, this is my lawyer Vyacheslav Konev, he filed a complaint, and as a result of these claims the materials have been withdrawn already on many Internet media. And in the future, we will continue this work up to the full objectification of the process, that I did not give such a forecast.

Question: There is information or a rumor on the Internet that someone supposedly is in spiritual contact with you and distributes information on your behalf. Is it so? Is it possible? And in general, I would say, is it permissible? 

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I consider, it is inappropriate to refer to me, when there is no contact at the physical level. Because everyone has his own opinion how he receives spiritual information. And therefore, I think, of course, this is unacceptable. It’s easier to contact one of the offices and ask for specific information, which I can answer personally, for example.

Question: Also on the Internet, it was possible to read that your passport number and date of your birthday are identical. Is it a coincidence? Is this a good sign, or is it not true at all?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, now I’ll look at the number. Well, only one digit intersects in the passport number, this is number four. And in this case, I can say that, generally speaking, some data concerning the intersection of some figures from different areas of information are always a task of control. And it is always possible to control optimally any numbers. Therefore, I do not think that it should be considered that this is just some kind of intersection of information that requires some kind of fixation, well, even if something would be the same, for example. I noticed that when working, for example, now, when working in Spain in the field of space instrumentation, there are certain tasks related to the fact that it is necessary to perform some urgent or current tasks at a planned level. And here, the use of the so-called digital control over the terms, on the analysis of the economic part, on the analysis of the production part, where the figures are used, here, of course, in some complex structures, it is possible, based on current economic laws, to use some digital or analytical studies, or based on other, for example, tasks: well, for example, to produce quickly a product, which, for example, is very difficult in the design. So, I think that in general, as an answer to this question, it is possible to say that it is necessary to study the reaction of digital systems, to use them in analytics, but, of course, to remain always at the level of control of these systems.

Question: Let’s talk about your work as a consciousness researcher: controlling events by a person, where are the limits, and are there any limits at all?

Grabovoi G.P.: I think that there are no limits, because consciousness can be developed endlessly, the logic of cognition testifies to this. And since I am engaged in the technologies of eternal life, I always have the task of an infinite development of consciousness of all as a task that should be achieved by everyone.

Question: Is control something that everyone can learn? Is it possible to divide people into those who can, and those who cannot? Can anyone, if necessary, learn this?

Grabovoi G.P.: Well, just as life is given to everyone for eternal time, respectively, everyone is born with the whole arsenal of control, which enables him inherently to live eternally if he does not start forgetting some elements of internal development, or does not turn on timely some kind of control mechanisms. Therefore, I consider that everyone can do this, that is, without exception. And my task is that I discover to people the mechanisms that enable people to understand really that they can indeed perform some infinite actions. They can be creatively very illuminated at the right time, at some time they can be calm and in general, therefore, can live eternally maintaining a normal way of life like all people. And this, of course, also means that there are no restrictions. Everyone can learn what is needed, and everyone can be able to learn enough knowledge at the right time and in the right amount to live eternally.

Question: What contribution should you make, or should you even contribute to helping people learn? Is this possible only with your help?

Grabovoi G.P.: For the time being I have a training program for my Teachings, which works as a Standard educational program. And many works have been published. And all the works that are included in the program are published. The program is built on principle that my works are listed just in the order of increasing dates. Therefore, like any educational program that is presented in the form of a text, does not require my special additional participation, except, in some cases, to give some explanations, which I do quite rarely due to the fact that the program is built in such a way that a person can basically find the answer himself. However, I can say that my participation is required to give new knowledge through, say, of new books, works that can be distributed through the Internet, and in any form. Because the world is changing. And I consider that my work is to look through all the areas of information that are in the world, to link them somewhere together, to forecast their interaction, of course, I can do this. Well, I can do this only in the part that concerns my works to develop them further. And therefore, in this part, it is useful to all those who study according to the standard program, simply from time to time to get acquainted, to study new materials, which I constantly add to the training program.

Question: For a number of years Carola Sarrasin has been spreading your knowledge, your Teachings through the Thailand Project in the north of Thailand, teaches and makes it available to people: how do you see the perspective for this Thailand Project, this Carola venture?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I consider that Carola Sarrasin did a lot for development in Thailand and in general, since she had worked earlier in Europe, exactly for propagation of the Teachings. And I can say that the Thailand project includes a lot of synthesized most leading areas in the field of spiritual and physical development through the spiritual, where the canons of eternal life are practically given in that perfectly clear form that can be studied in calm and benevolent atmosphere of Thailand. And in connection with my practice of work in the space instrument engineering, I still do not have the opportunity to work there personally, for example, namely in Thailand. But nevertheless, I still think that in some future, of course, it would be expedient for me to conduct some kind of training courses, for example, even small ones, maybe one-time, but in many territories, including Thailand. And in this regard, I can say that since the technologies of my Teaching are given exactly by the Thai-project very accurately, that is the University level is maintained within the framework of the standard curriculum, I can say that what is done in the Thailand Project is the basic educational structure for Universities, which I now create in different countries of the world. And so, this is a very important and significant project, which in fact gives an accurate knowledge of eternal life to a very large number of people. And ideologically it corresponds exactly conceptually to the tasks of civilization in general for sustainable development namely in the direction of ensuring eternal life.

So, I’m very grateful to Carola Sarrasin. I, in general, to all who take part in the organization of the educational process in the Thailand Project, and, of course, I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to study specifically within the framework of this project, of course, I think this is very promising and also because this is the basis for the University program. And who got education there, this education will be considered as a structure of University education potentially.

Question: Carola is ready to organize a big meeting with people who work with your knowledge and who are infinitely grateful to you. Is it possible that you will attend such a meeting in Thailand and visit Thailand?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, as I said, conceptually, that is, in the future, of course, I would like to participate in such meetings. However, now I work in the field of space instrumentation, there are several products that have a certain level of secrecy. Therefore, for now I do not have the opportunity, for example, to leave specifically for Thailand. But however, in some distant future, when, for example, I will be engaged in less secret products, then, of course, I, keep such a potential opportunity and would visit Thailand, also, for example, for the purpose of seeing on the spot the structure that takes place from the harmonization of the environment and the educational process.

Question: Many scientists and others say that we are now living in a special time, that there will be a kind of quantum leap that will change both the physical life of the earth and people, as well as consciousness. How should we treat such reflections about the quantum leap?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I can say that at the University, at school, well, at the University, I studied German, and one day I had to read a book in German on quantum mechanics. And there was a certain point of view that a quantum leap is a certain higher energy level. Given that there is a certain dual principle of organization of matter, that is, the micro-substance, at the micro-level, can be considered both as a particle and as a wave, we can say that this direction is really of enormous importance in general, even from the physical point of view, from the point of view of raising the general energy status, which is precisely being considered in the form of a quantum leap.

It is clear that there is a generalized point of view, but there is, for example, a professional point of view. For example, I (at the university we had an annual course of quantum mechanics) and I can say, from the point of view of known orthodox knowledge and from the point of view of the general perception of this direction, the quantum leap, that to solve the problems of raising a certain energy level in order to solve endless questions of life, is in fact the only fundamental and the only true direction in development.

Therefore, I am now creating exactly the technologies that make it possible, in terms of a quantum leap, from the point of view of the energy level and the increase in this level, to reach such a level in a timely manner (that is included in the training program), well, with the help of various devices as well, such as for example, the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U, to train all people faster, even those who were not familiar with this side of life. Because you need, of course, timeliness for eternal life, since this task is for eternal life for all. And in this connection I can say that I, of course, develop this direction and try to make it accessible in this criterion for everyone.

Question: These big changes, this quantum leap, shall we say, does it affect, ultimately, all people? And if not all, what will happen to those people, I say so, who will remain with nothing because of the lack of knowledge, they will be not touched with it, what will happen to them?

Grabovoi G.P. – The point is that the concept of a quantum leap as another more, for example, voluminous, more saturated energy level applies to all from the point of view of precisely the prospects and the necessity from the viewpoint of the fundamental structure of the world, the necessity of the eternal life for all. Therefore, it is natural that this qualitatively different level, where the energy level, which is determined by the fact that the infinite future gives currently a huge flow of energy, concerns everyone. Another question is that it is necessary to conduct extensive propaganda work, significant directions in clarifying precisely this situation, where both from the point of view of orthodox physics and from the point of view of some general concepts regarding the quantum leap it would be clear that everything can be overcome.

For example, from the point of view of quantum mechanics, if we look at Schrodinger’s equation for quantum mechanics, for example, I can say that there are certain types of solutions that make it possible to solve many questions of quantum mechanics, which have not been resolved until now, for example. But in general, the potential of science: mathematics, physics, and other scientific areas, they are very high to help all people at the scientific level. And at the level of spiritual development, of course, everyone, for example, when mastering the training program of my Teachings, can prepare independently and somehow even simply move to this level of perception, when a huge infinite future, well, is perceived as another energy level. And when a person sees his horizons, he is free and he can live eternally. So, I think that here we are talking more about cognition, about education, and this can be done by known means, which are very effective and guarantee the achievement of the result.

Question: It’s about the global process of transforming reality, maybe even about creating a new reality: what is your contribution to this process, and in this regard, what’s your possibly not quite an easy task?

Grabovoi G.P.: Well, as I said, I’m engaged in the realization of eternal life for all. And from the point of view of the transformation of reality, in this case, it is a matter of more knowledge that should be available, namely knowledge of this type, in general, even, it can be said, highly specialized, which ensure eternal life. Although the concept of narrow specialization in this case speaks more about the constant direction in this area of eternal life. And I’m trying, in the framework of precisely of this task, to contribute to what I see through my own abilities, for example, which I confirmed, I try to teach other people through various works that I constantly publish. And so, that will enable people, practically living a normal natural life, social life, that is, actually speaking, no different from the usual normal life of man, in fact to be able to pass to another qualitative level of knowledge. And my Teachings allows it to be done due to extensive practice. For example, the six-volume book “Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”, that includes both my results and of the followers’, the students’ results, which indicates that people often very simply and quickly understand this direction of development.

As I have said in today’s conversation, this is inherent in the birth of each person in his personal abilities. And in this connection, it turns out that practically we can say now that the main thing is to master the necessary knowledge in a timely manner, well, this is what my Teachings makes it possible to do. And to help other people, I try to develop technology areas, such as the field of space instrumentation, to control the outer space as well from the point of view of some, say, problematic objects and so on. And that’s why I’m adding my technologies here. As I said, I worked in the Ministry of General Mechanical Engineering, where I worked on the development of satellite systems, space instrumentation. Now I continue specially for these purposes, to proceed with this work, I registered a trademark, the class of which is the creation of space crafts. And I develop special technologies in space instrument engineering to ensure the solution of issues related to the transition to a certain other qualitative level of people’s lives, when they have eternal life, not only locally within the framework of the Earth, but also to ensure this from the point of view of control over outer space.

And therefore, I think that as many people as possible should participate consciously in this process at the level of their good personal will. And then it will turn out that it will be a joyful and objectively different social system, with a special property of joy, benevolence, and a special property of good events. And this is, of course, a qualitative difference, but it is namely in terms of this, as I said.

Question: You brought with you the device PRK-1U to our meeting, which appeared as a result of your scientific research and is a model of the equipment of the future. What is it intended for, how can I use it?

Grabovoi G.P. – The device for the development of the concentration of eternal life PRK-1U was created in accordance with my two patents. This is the first patent is “Method of prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization” and the second patent is “Information carrying system”. Within this method, where a person generates a bio-signal, as written in the patent, and directs to the optical systems, and the optical systems amplify this signal. In accordance with the patent “Information Carrying System”, the system works so that the signal is transmitted practically instantly and an increase in the action occurs, that is, the second action is almost immediately along with the first one. Due to this, a powerful level of increase of power of control emerges which, by the way, just corresponds to the notion of a quantum leap, a high energy level, and due to this, a person’s thought becomes more productive, the thinking is accelerated, then, according to the existing practice, the controlling clairvoyance develops in people. The difference of the controlling clairvoyance is that a person sees something that is not visible to the eyes at a great distance, and at the same time, by the effort of will, directs towards the better from the point of view of eternal life, eternal development. The controlling forecasting is developing similarly, that is, for the future time.

Significant improvements take place in relation to the events that the person solves both in the spiritual sphere and at the physical level, including what concerns the human organism. And as a modification of this device, there are devices of medical direction, where the concentration of consciousness is less needed, but they work more independently with more advanced optical systems. The modification of this device additionally has (now these developments have already been made) an additional button for the next acceleration, it just corresponds to the level of tasks of quantum leap and of the provision by technical means the achievement of the required exact system in this quantum leap. And further, here I also use digital systems, that is, near the lenses (the next modification), there are numbers which can work with number series, which I published for various directions of control. Well, at the same time they are independent controlling levels interacting with optics, because the question of the technology of the future is being solved.

If the power system, the electromagnetic field does not have power, for example, the power supply does not work, the system must work endlessly, eternally. And digital systems in the interaction with optical systems create a certain quantum-mechanical level, which makes it possible for the user to continue working, thereby ensuring his actions for eternal time, so that he would live eternally. And so, this is the equipment, I consider, of the new level, new generation that makes it possible to solve problems in the conditions of the need to have an infinite amount of energy and the possibility that this energy, these actions, were controlled by the human Consciousness.

Question – Who is the target audience, for whom is the device intended for use for good?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, this equipment was designed (and this particular device PRK-1U as well) so that all people could use it, because, as I said, every person has potential capabilities of eternal life, but not every person can open this direction for himself. Therefore, the device makes it possible to open the capabilities of any person who, in general, might haven’t previously thought about the problem of eternal life. Therefore, it can also be used by those people who are spiritually developed, because it develops the concentrations of eternal life from the level that exists, in this connection it has, in fact, an endless resource.

The device is tasked with the following: when a person has learned to do as the device helps to do, the person can simply move on to the next level of development. And in the part which the device helped to learn, in principle this part remains as a personal apparatus of control of the person. And therefore, it can be regarded as a system of such a training level, which is necessary to solve precisely the problems of eternal life.

So, it is very necessary for those, as I said, who already have a certain development. I consider that they can use it more effectively. Now, for example, when working with modifications of the device, with the individual settings on the modified version, where there is an additional button, that accelerates the action of the device, amplifies, and there are figures, well I noticed that when they look at the materials relating to the device, the principles of work, they develop spiritually, and they increase their resources more and more; and then you can increase the resource of the device: add variable electromagnetic fields, shift the optical components to enhance the work. And when this process of setting is over, the people get a powerful device that can teach them individually very quickly.

But all these data do not just happen that way, but because statistics is being collected so that the device could operate very quickly with a minimum of individual settings, practically universally. And so, any person can use it at the primary standard level, and at the universal access, so actually it can be used by all people. The work with this device has been carried out for more than a year, and there is not a single negative case. Therefore, the data on the applicability in the field of the controlling systems for the development of the controlling clairvoyance, of the controlling forecasting, for rejuvenation are very expanded. There are very good results on control of any event.

And in this regard, we can say: since these data are officially displayed on the site (well, as in any scientific system, where there is a scientific and technical rationale, where there are patents, where there are concrete results that are provided by hundreds of people) it is possible to say that this system is absolutely safe, does not emit any harmful fields, enables anyone to develop indefinitely, and in fact, very quickly comprehend everything that is needed precisely for a qualitative solution of the problems of eternal life, including the tasks of quantum leap.

Question Can you show us, taking into account your special abilities, and also explain how the PRK is programmed and configured, how it functions?

Grabovoi G.P. – Yes, during the individual setting of the device precisely for the user, I use the ability of the controlling clairvoyance. And for this I can, in a particular case, for example, assuming that (and making these actions really) the device is configured for use by you, I can start to configure it. So, for this, I can then formulate some questions, the answers to which I will take into account in the future, when the individual assembly of this device will take place.

And, for example, I watch how the future interaction with the device will happen, and I would like to ask such questions.

So, the first thing I would like to clarify here …


Translator – It is about the general process: how to configure the device, without regard to the personality of the presenter.

Grabovoi G.P. – But in this case, I can say that I consider interaction, firstly, of this level of eternal life that exists at the birth of man. I look, then, what kind of development happens in the future, when we work independently for some time. And it turns out that this level, that is a certain sphere of eternal life, which exists in man at birth, depending on its segments in some way, manifests itself in different parts of the body in different ways. That is, for example, a sphere located in the region of the lumbar spine. Then the light from this sphere passes through the body. And I begin to connect geometrically that matter of eternal life that is generated by the device, with what comes from the primary level of man’s birth, that is with what comes from God, as it created by God.

Further, it means that when these glows join together, it turns out that exactly this plan for joining this light of eternity, coming from man and from the device, this is a special task that requires controlling clairvoyance to make this joining quickly and accurately.

Question – Does this device play its role in the global quantum leap process, we have just discussed it, and if so, what kind of?

Grabovoi G.P. – Yes, as I said, if we start from orthodox physics, where the quantum leap is another energy level, then, accordingly, it is the increase in energy, the increase in the energy level is being realized by the structure of the quantum leap precisely from the point of view of ensuring eternal life. That is, in the conditions of very different complicated mechanisms of quantum leap, the device gives a clear program that leads man faster: in some cases, with the help of the device man can master the basic control structures in the case when he needs to work quickly within the framework of the action at the time of the quantum leap. Therefore, it precisely realizes this task, when everyone, in the quantum leap, get eternal life, and eternal development.

Question – What is it possible (once again to the topic of the quantum leap) to recommend to people so that they can live through it / get along more harmoniously?

Grabovoi G.P. – I consider that people need to be attuned and set the eternal life as a task, for each one and all; ensuring eternal life, that is, for each one and for all in the physical body. And this task makes it possible to solve issues, concerning not only, for example, the quantum leap, but also some other following levels of development. For example, when man will have achieved eternal life, man will get other structures of tasks and development, which are being realized now for many people.

And it turns out that here, in my opinion, besides this, it is very important to have a technological mechanism that can help them within the quantum leap, when an increase in the energy level is taking place, and this is necessary for the process to be controlled, it is important to have accurate and correct technology. Well, my Teachings makes it possible to master these technologies, and the device for the development of concentration PRK-1U can and provides precisely the accuracy of raising this energy level, and moreover precisely in those structures, in those vibrations that ensure eternal life.

And therefore, I advise: first, to follow the idea of eternal life everywhere and unquestioningly; and second, to use some instrumental, educational technologies of my Teachings in order to realize this in practice every moment.

Question: The point is to ensure the transfer of as many people as possible to this new, higher level of development in the framework of this process of quantum leap. What can be done, what measures can be taken so that as many people as possible can really do it? And so that this level of development is reached by as many people as possible?

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, as I already said, the task here is such that it should concern all people. And the main task of each person is to transfer the knowledge to another person. And besides his personal achievements, when a person can personally master technologies for a number of reasons (he has time, he is ideologically savvy, he believes that this is the only natural direction in development) he is to be able to convey to all his own stable position of worldview, which, as I explained, in this case, it is the right one. And precisely this, that this duty of each person is to pass on to others, to learn to transfer knowledge eternal time, this, of course, is what each person needs to do.

Question: And the last, absolutely special topic, also the “hot” topic, I will say: you are talking about eternal life in the physical body: how can this be imagined and how can this be achieved?

Grabovoi G.P. – Eternal life in the physical body does not, in fact, represent any special problems from the point of view of the paradigm of knowledge. Because, it is clear that having learned to revitalize tissues through consciousness; having learned to control events that do not cause any significant damage, the person, due to this, will be ensured eternal life under the condition of the existence of the eternal Cosmos, the eternal Earth and so on. Therefore, from the point of view of eternal life in the physical body, when we also consider the actions of God, the Creator of the whole World, and when we act similarly, then we can practically control the entire outer universe, that is, the cosmic physical space. And in this sense, it turns out that starting with some specific things that a person can feel (for example, heal himself; help others; build technologies like PRK-1U and other systems that provide eternal life) the combination of spiritual Divine action with these technologies guarantees real eternal life, regardless of the structures of outer space development and irrespective of, as I said, the existence of the contact with the Divine level; that is, how quickly, the spiritual sphere develops. Because we must understand that the provision of eternal life must occur everywhere based on the fact of life.

And when the development proceeds this way, precisely this level of quality occurs. And it occurs when many people become like that, and therefore even spiritually different structures from the point of view of life, well, different living beings in the world, they also start to live eternally because the world is just like that, that’s it. Therefore, precisely certain, it is necessary to say clearly here, precisely the Divine level provides exactly that. And so, it must also be learned at the same time. In this regard, I have both science and religion in the Teachings, that is, religious knowledge, and scientific knowledge these are equivalent systems of knowledge and realization of eternal life.

Question Is there already information about someone who lives eternally?

Grabovoi G.P. – Yes, there is. Among the students who study according to my technologies, I pay attention to the fact that there are more and more people who are already being provided with information and technological apparatus from the point of view of the consciousness of eternal life. And there are no problems for them to live eternally. As I said, here, when it comes to all, and not to a single quantity, well, not to only a few people or millions, but in general to all, it turns out that it is important in this case to develop the sphere of knowledge, of a vivid, clear and concise knowledge to such extent, where it will be said that the Divine level should be combined with our daily practice and with the technologies of ensuring eternal life, then we can say that transfer of this process to everyone (this with the right approach) is not such a long prospect.

Question – We are living now (we already talked about this) in times of turns, changes, anxiety, uncertainty: you are talking about a global quantum leap: are there any recommendations that you would like to convey to people around the world?

01:06:58 Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I wish all people to live eternally. From the point of view of recommendations, I recommend doing this in the same way as a person is being engaged in the system of learning, starting from childhood in school, that is, practicing this as a special knowledge that you need to spend time for. And it is better if you study daily, as in the system of knowledge that is vitally necessary. To ensure that people have what to do, they have, first, all their own abilities to develop them, themselves for this process. And of course, my Teachings. It enables everyone generally who has just learned to read (because the Teachings is presented in the form of texts, which to a greater extent, I speak to the recorder; that is, they are perceived as oral speech; and since, when I tell, I look at the information of the future and place the words and phrases so as to ensure eternal life for everyone), that’s why anyone who listens, can personally find that instrument for himself, that structure of ways and methods that make it possible on the basis of the texts of my Teachings to master the technologies of eternal life.

And although, yes, there are many current and future problems in the world, naturally, I also just recommend studying my Teachings in the sense that, in this case, the abilities of the controlling clairvoyance and controlling forecasting develop, which make it possible among all, along with the control of events, to see some or common configurations for starting learning, or completely precise events. And as we know, the knowledge of information, and the ability to adjust it due to control, that is, through macro-regulation of the structures of your consciousness in the overall process of the world, and due to some physical actions, will make it possible to solve some future tasks. That is, the Teachings tool gives a completely full picture of how to do it. The self-sufficiency of the Teachings is that what is embedded in the Teachings, the preliminary structure, can be used to deepen the knowledge of another structure, and vice versa. And this will make it possible, I think, to solve all the issues of ensuring eternal life. Therefore, my recommendations are the system training, the use of the apparatus of my Teachings, training programs, any technologies that contribute to it, well, such as PRK-1U. Well, naturally, your own development.

Question – Hearty thanks – many thanks for the interview! Success to you in the implementation of a really difficult task, a big task, and above all we wish you to have the necessary forces, which ultimately means the realization of your calling. Thank you very much for everything you do for people!

Grabovoi G.P. – Well, I am also very grateful to this professionally structured, from the point of view of ensuring the eternal life, interview, our conversation. And I would like to thank all those who organized this conversation process, the interview. And I would like to note that, of course, as far as possible, I take my actions, as far as I can, and believe that we will, of course, ensure eternal life for everyone, and through joint efforts as well. And it is important for everyone to participate, that is, each one in his place when he participates in this process. Accordingly, we, I think, will solve the problem of ensuring eternal life for all relatively, but quickly enough. Under certain conditions, when this process starts in the near future (I believe that quite obviously and quickly based on the objectified scientific and practical criteria), it will be clear that everyone’s participation in this process is practically unique and necessary. I consider that people need to tune in to overall participation, regardless of what current affairs they have, that’s it. Well, it is in the sense that even though I’ve been working in this direction for a long time, nevertheless everyone who is just starting to work in this direction can see his invaluable contribution, because eternal life is still everyone’s affair.

Michael: Many thanks. (Thank you)

Grabovoi G. P. Many thanks.

Dear viewers, you heard, we are talking about the global quantum leap, about the process, and each of us, independently, has the opportunity, to participate in it or not, and this is that should ultimately be decided by each individual. You have the opportunity, to receive these outstanding knowledge and to master appropriate technologies within the framework of the Thailand Project (we highlight the Internet address of the Thailand Project) with information, with further in-depth information on knowledge and with specific terms and opportunities to participate in seminars and events. And then everyone can already think for himself how much he or she wants to be in this global process or on the contrary does not want to. And in this sense, as always, heartfelt thanks for interest and attention. Goodbye for now and see you the next meeting.


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