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Vyacheslav Konev

Vyacheslav Konev got acquainted with Grigori Grabovoi Doctrine in 2001 and the same year of the beginnings to carry out its studying and transfer. System teaching the Doctrine of Grigori Grabovoi carries out since 2002.

Vyacheslav Konev has 2 Higher Educations.

The first education – the Higher medical education, after the termination of medical faculty of the Tyumen State Medical Institute in 1989. Has specialization in psychiatry, experience in a medical hospital and a clinic.

Second higher education – Legal, after the termination of Law department of the Tyumen State University in 1999. Has length of service the lawyer.

Since 2002 Konev Vyacheslav began to pass with frequency to once a month the regular seminars held by Grigori Grabovoi according to the Author’s Doctrine. Since 2005 has a set of also regular individual training events held by Grigori Grabovoi in various directions and structures of the Doctrine of Grigori Grabovoi. This circumstance is a major case of comprehension of depth of the personal experience of Grigori Grabovoi which is passed on by it.

According to the Author of the Doctrine Vyacheslav Konev has good practical experience of transfer of knowledge in a form, simple and available to listeners, and simultaneous accuracy of this transfer of knowledge in Grigori Grabovoi Doctrine that is in fact the direct proof of a peredavayemost of knowledge from the person to the person. Also according to the Author of the Doctrine Konev Vyacheslav’s experience is sufficient for a possibility of transfer of knowledge about Eternal life and an opportunity to teach others to creation of Eternity of own life.

The Grigori Grabovoi as the Author of the Doctrine, repeatedly made personal references for the organization and holding the training seminars for the Doctrine in the different countries of Europe and America.

Experience of teaching is in many respects based for Vyacheslav Konev on the detailed analysis of author’s materials, vision of large number of communications of elements of the Doctrine and simultaneous perception of Unity of the Doctrine. Experience of teaching is also based on own results of Konev Vyacheslav on management Spiritual, including logical in level event and the level of restoration of a physical body. As a result of the listened seminars held by Konev Vyacheslavam there are numerous certificates of listeners on achievement of considerable results by them directly during a seminar. It also testifies to a peredavayemost of knowledge of the Doctrine from the person to the person.

Vyacheslav Konev has experience of holding seminars in Switzerland, Serbia, France, Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia, as with consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, including alternation of translators for one seminar. The important fact is the fact that reading seminars is made in language, Grigori Grabovoi Doctrine which is primary carrier that provides also the accuracy of transfer both highlights, and significant nuances for depth of perception and understanding with listeners.