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IV World Conference on Peace and Light

IV World Conference on Peace and Light

August 24, 2018

Hello, I am Grigori Grabovoi. I am glad to welcome the participants of the Fourth World Conference of the Dominican Republic on Peace and Light. My presentation is “The Introduction, through my Teachings, of educational and instrumental technologies to ensure eternal life for all”. In this presentation, I first of all consider the positions of the World from the point of view that the world must be controllable in a creative infinite sense through the action of human consciousness, through the action of his soul and spirit.

Proceeding from this, and considering the structure of consciousness, the actions of the soul and the spirit, as a structure of interaction of different levels of light intensity that is perceived by consciousness, it is possible to realize both educational processes and the processes of realizing eternal life through various technical devices that are specifically aimed at ensuring eternal life for all. In the action of God, initially the control in the impulse of transmission of both knowledge and subsequent action is based on the verbal level: the perception, for example, of a mental word, on the mental level, the perception of the word and the transformation of this word into some technical systems. Therefore, it is precisely in the technologies of ensuring eternal life, there is often a joining of both the level of thinking and the level of control of the system of events.

And for example, in the structure of the controlling forecasting, it is important that positive controlling actions take place simultaneously with viewing the future events. And on this basic principle, when the perception of information simultaneously enables one to optimize information, improve it, my training program has been built and my instrument systems for ensuring my eternal life, and when teaching this training program, information is transmitted not only verbally, or for example, by audio visual systems, but also at the same time the teacher of the Teachings archives the light systems and transfers to the listener certain elements of knowledge in the form of light elements. And thus, a natural harmonious environment of interaction of the teacher and student appears, when the general orientation to creation in the entire world, having a bright silvery, white light, merges with the infinite horizon of future events of eternal life for all, and makes it possible to transfer correctly that basic knowledge that systematically ensure eternal life to all.

In practice, this amounts to the fact that the teacher, reading the material of the seminar, controls simultaneously in accordance with the controlling systems that are laid in the seminar itself, and simultaneously transmits the light systems, which he considers to be the most expedient at this time. That is, as principles that have the form of standards for the transmission of information of this type, not verbal, such as, for example, archiving in the form of spheres and transfer of knowledge in the form of spheres to the listener. In this case the transfer is made, for example, to the right palm or to the left, if it is necessary to accelerate. And at the same time, in terms of productivity, the mastering of knowledge occurs much faster. In my patents, for example, in the patent “The Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization”, as well as in the patent “Information Carrying System”, there is such a text that the operator generating a bio-signal should send this signal to certain optical systems, this signal is being normalized and simultaneously, due to the intersection with the elements of the future events, it normalizes the structure of the future events.

And this normalization is enhanced by optical systems. And as it is written in my patent “Information Carrying System” if to work according to such a principle of correspondence of vibrational structures of light, for example, of human consciousness and remote light structures of work of the equipment, then the distance, for example, to some kind of instrument system, or generally to any object of information does not matter. As part of the research on the implementation of the patents, it was established that this principle, it is based on the principle of the universe, in general, when the original light that was created by God as the universal light for eternal time tends to be both dynamic and static. And in this case the static phase is practically realized in all dynamic intervals and in all structures of the world. And it turns out that the intersection of the dynamic phase of reality and the static phase of reality can describe actually any structures of the event series.

Thus, some time ago, I published my proven in practice theory in the journal “Electronic Engineering” with the derivation of the formula of the general reality where the intersections of the dynamic phase of reality and the static phase of reality make it possible not only to describe the phenomena of reality, but also make it possible, in forecasting control, using, for example, the structures of the controlling clairvoyance, of the controlling forecasting, the development of the spiritual level at the level of special cognition systems for ensuring eternal life, these systems make it possible to optimize the events so that these events with any version of development of   information in the world, of events in the world ensure eternal life for all.

And in this way, it is possible to use this light generated by the operator, that is, by a human, as a regulator for ensuring eternal life, and moreover for all. It is clear that only in that case that everyone will be ensured eternal life in any combination of events, we can talk about the affirmation of really eternal life for all and for every particular person. That is, proceeding from the principle that this should be for all and for all infinite time, the creation of technical systems accordingly in this direction should be based on certain principles that interact with principles that are similar to the human organism.

And on this basis, on the basis and in accordance with patents “The Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization”, where the controlling impulse is normalized, which is generated by a person in the form of an element of his consciousness, in the form of a glow of thought, and also in accordance with the patent “Information Carrying System”, I created a three-mode device for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U. The principle of similarity to human organism is incorporate in this device. It consists in the fact that the device itself has two switches, but at the same time three modes are operating there. The analogy is that different thoughts are born and realized in the human organism, but the mass of the body does not increase in this case.

That is, the device, because it has only two switches, but it creates three modes – the third one is an impulse periodic mode – it turns out that the principle of similarity with the human body is observed. Without any system of increasing material structures inside the device, there is a third pulsed periodic mode. In this case, this mode, which is pulsed periodic, is switched on by the device circuit itself. And in this case, since it works for each device in different ways, because self-switching-on occurs, it is possible to see here the structures that are exactly synchronized with the system of eternal life in the infinite perspective.

Because, when the device starts working in the same way as, for example, the human organism works in a principled way in the structure of thinking, it is possible to see those remote perspectives that connect the thinking, the endless events of the future and the system of ensuring these events for each specific physical eternal body of any person. And since the structure of the body is individual and naturally the generation of the biosignal, that is, the frequency of the light, the intensity of radiation of every thought of each individual person are all individual characteristics, it turns out that the instrumentation should take into account the individual structures of each individual, and then it is absolutely safe for infinite time. After all, when building technical systems of a distant future, it is necessary to observe in fact the principle of the eternal safety of the developing equipment. And exactly the structures of a peculiar level of perception, on the part of the instrumental system, of the surrounding structure of the world are laid in the device PRK-1U.

And in this sense, we can assume that the similarity of the operation of the device evidences about the possibility to be for an infinite time as well near the biological systems, near, for example, the living organism of man or other living beings. And then, in the structure of the development of the whole world, we can assume that such aspects of reality as reality, for example, of the universal resurrection, the reality of ensuring eternal life, these systems of reality become such that from the area of thinking, from the area of ideology and from the area of some particular practices, where this is realized, they pass over to the structure of the world. And then it turns out that the whole system of the world structure should naturally be such that in the same way as, for example, computers, some computing facilities or the Internet, in modern reality, help to implement a certain order of interaction between events, there should also be, in the long term, some instrumental systems that organically correspond to the level of the infinite development of man, and at the same time they should perform the functions of ensuring eternal life for all.

I would like to show now such a device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK-1U, and to explain briefly how the light that we perceive with the physical sight is transformed into that light that interacts with the matter of eternal life that the device generates, and at the same time begins to participate in the structure of control on the tasks of the whole world for ensuring eternal life for all as the structure of the world. This is how the device looks: there three lenses on the top surface with numbers near each lens (my Teaching includes control with the help of number series, you can read in my books) and when a person concentrates, for example, on the lower small lens and then moves counter-clockwise to the second and the third ones, it is possible to get the effect of control that corresponds to the development of the concentrations of eternal life for any event, the development of the concentrations of eternal life for rejuvenation, the development of the concentrations of eternal life for controlling clairvoyance, the development of the concentrations of eternal life for controlling forecasting. I would like to note that when this device is working – in this case, it works on a pulse-periodic mode – you can see the flashing, which occurs both on the switch and inside the body of the device.

There is an adjusting hole on the back panel of the device that makes it possible to adjust it be individually to the user, not only due to the external Internet account where there are duplicating devices, but the device, in accordance with the patent “Information Carrying System” works together, among all, with the account where there are similar devices, and these accounts are created for monitoring of these devices through the Internet in order that in the case, for example, if you need to intensify the work or if a person is on journey, he can via a tablet computer or, through the phone or just a computer, use the Internet access of video monitoring of the duplicating devices and get the same effect, because, as I said, the action is equivalent if you look at the lenses. But if you do not look at the lenses, this device, within the radius of three meters, has exactly the same effect based on these four parameters of control, I told about, and the practice of intense using it for more than two years showed that there is not a single negative result, with significant results for each of the four points.

And, for example, when conducting seminars, when the device is used, the participants of the seminars very clearly feel exactly the different modes of operation. For example, the development of the concentrations of eternal life for rejuvenation differs from the development of the concentrations of eternal life for controlling forecasting. And it turns out that if we are also working either individually or during seminars with different modes, the first mode is universal, the second one increases the stationary phase of reality in intensity, that is, it strengthens namely this phase, where a more active controlling process takes place in the area of controlling forecasting. And the third regime strengthens the dynamic phase of reality.

That is, it is the connection of the current events with the controlling levels in relation to past and future events. And this level of equipment makes it possible to interact organically enough with other technical systems that already work on more, so to say, narrow areas. That is, the equipment that, through thought, interacts with a person is already perceived as an intermediate-type controlling equipment, which also provides protection from some distant in the future technical systems that do not have a level of interaction through thinking, for example.

And the development of this level of equipment on a global scale makes it possible to use it to create, for example, super new computers, where the impulse of the thought signal is used. This device for the development of concentrations of eternal life the three-mode PRK-1U has the function of self-tuning. That is, the user can easily turn on the device when purchasing the device, and it is configured to the user almost instantly within a few seconds, if he is within a radius of no more than a meter, the user is within the radius of no more than a meter from the device. Then the device, which is individually self-tuned in this way, is further additionally tuned through the provided access to the web monitoring of the duplicating device. And the complex enough work to ensure eternal life for all takes place, where the interaction of a number of devices, that is, the physical one, or even the device that can be used through the web account, helps optimize the structure of control, and the structure of thinking in practice actions accelerates, the solutions of the current or often complex tasks that previously were not solved are found, but quite a lot of thoughts appear, and, the right ones based on practical actions in relation to what you need to do at the physical level to resolve the situation exactly in the direction of ensuring eternal life for all, or in the direction of control through the light of thinking.

It is important to note that, since the functions of the device are aimed precisely at ensuring eternal life for all, it can only be used for creative purposes. And since it works only in this direction it helps functionally to carry out optimization from the point of view of these processes. Now, in the office of the company “GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO”, and then the company of the Individual Entrepreneur, the right to use such devices on sub-license agreements is granted.

And it can be used either by one person or by up to eight people. So it is enough just to fill out an application with a person’s last name, first name and date of birth, and they can start using the device or use the device through an account of the duplicate device. Or there is such a principle, that you can use only those devices that are at a remote distance, that is, through web video surveillance, without the use of the physical device. But the use of the physical device has, in that sense, an advantage. For the device to work and to create the effect that is associated with the generation of the matter of eternal life, a kind of field of the matter of eternal life that the device produces is needed. And it is necessary that it does it constantly, even if you don’t look at it. Then the physical device has an advantage, because, as I said, it generates this matter within the radius of three meters, which creates very overall favorable effects for any tasks of specific people who are near these devices.

Currently this device for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U is three-mode, it is certified, it has the AAA certificate of the Republic of Serbia, it has the CE certificate, which is used in the countries of the European Union, that is, these certificates show that the device complies with all ecological standards, which are required when using electronic equipment. And currently on the website grigori-grabovoi.world there are 2 volumes of results obtained with the use of this device by the followers of the Teaching and many results related to practical application in specific situations. Therefore, in general, the ideology of development of this level of equipment, when the equipment allows the strengthening of creative structures of a person’s thinking and their creative plans, helps them solve these plans, not just at the level of any possible measures as such, but simultaneously, when a kind of help system is required at the level of the system of human thinking, then the prospects for the development of mankind as a species and in general for all living beings, they become absolutely sustainable, that is, it is clear that humanity can not be destroyed simply because equipment helps to do the optimization of thinking, the optimization of the development of consciousness. That is, equipment can not oppose a person in the field of making decisions, because it helps him.

And this is an important concept in the world order of the future, because now, as it is known, computers with the speed of calculation that occurs by solving a number of tasks, they greatly exceed, for example, the calculating capabilities of humans, and the possibility of modeling in computer technology is often greater, that’s why people need to use alternative equipment that allows to control the ever increasing power of technical systems. And if you consider that the technology will continue to evolve indefinitely, the technical elements will be improving, for the humanity as a species to live eternally, and for every single person to live eternally, it is necessary, of course, to have such helpers as the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U, which, in a certain way, could teach us how to think in the right perspective, help to think, and in the future, like any knowledge, such a characteristic of a thought that is obtained with the help of the device, it remains with a person as knowledge, that makes this type of interaction with such equipment, for example, with the device PRK-1U, absolutely invaluable. I just do not know of any similar devices, but I’m generalizing a bit by saying that it is desirable to develop this kind of equipment.

For example, in the medical modification, the three-mode device for the development of concentrations PRK-1U is used to ensure eternal life for all, the structure is precisely the location of the person near the device and it is further strengthened by external optical systems and then it allows to realize the principle of eternal life even for those who can not use concentrations in the beginning due to, for example, their state of health. For example, a person in a serious condition is a admitted to the hospital, and then once the device is turned on, it works automatically determining the damage structure and generating the matter of eternal life into that area.

This medical modification, it also has a lens system that allow to dramatically intensify the work with this device, if a person starts to concentrate on the lenses, but in this case, the three-mode device for the development of eternal life concentrations PRK-1U, presented by me today, is used as a home device, that is, it is not of a medical nature in this case, although for example it has health-improving effects when you set the task of a health-improving nature in the goal of control.

And if we follow the world’s task to ensure eternal life in combination with elements of light, then in the technology of ensuring eternal life the ideology of peace for all, where in this world all are  eternal and the ideology of using the light of consciousness, the light of soul, light of spirit, and light, which is radiated by the human body, this ideology, it is extremely important, and why I believe that the global subject of the conference on piece and light is very accurately posed in the realities of modern times, because precisely by light, through the correct perception of light, correct use of light in control, thinking, because it is clear that when a person thinks, he often sees some light images, perceives their thought as light. For example, if you ask: where is the thought, when a person thinks, then a person begins to look for it in the form of signs of light first and it turns out that the location of thought as light is an important characteristic in general in the structures of the future.

For example, in my patent “Information Carrying System”, it was established that the radiation of thought, which can be characterized as light of different intensity depending on the type of thought, allows information to be transmitted, often in unlimited volumes. That is, in the patent itself there are two devices: one receiver and there is a transmitting device, in this case in the device PRK-1U, this is reflected in the fact that from the upper lenses the signal enters the internal optical system, which is amplified by electromagnetic systems.

And it turns out that in this perspective of control, if we extend this to the control systems of the whole world, the ability to work in such a way that the collective consciousness through which the future systems of the world are organized, that it be precisely sustainable in ensuring eternal life for all, and if you look at it in a remote perspective, it’s an absolute reality, it’s like a law, that is, anyways, such a phase of collective consciousness will be organized that provides eternal life to everyone, then this type of equipment, like PRK-1U, allows not only to train consciousness, spirit, and develop the human soul in this direction to ensure eternal life for all, but at the same time, in fact in some ways participates in the construction of certain information frame of the future universe, where all live forever, with no exceptions. And moreover, so that no external events can change this reality. That is, nothing can end the eternal life of any individual, or even of any single living organism. And this is the principle of the whole universe. The eternity of the whole world must be reflected in the structure of universal control and action.

And such technology, which in the beginning can be used to a greater extent as training, as I said, the development of the structure of thinking, the development of the structure of control, it can also be used as a system that generates a signal similar to a biological signal, and then it can be used as an environmentally safe technology to create new systems, including computer ones, where the increase of power, the increase of the number of processed operations per second does not lead to a structure about counteraction, kind of, to a living organism. So it is important to use this type of technology as a measure to ensure global security in the infinite future.

Because as I said, it is adapted on the principle of similarity to a human. It is the qualitative principle of similarity, of course. And in this case, we can, proceeding from the fact that a person is similar to God, prolong this line of divine primordial action, when the creation of a human has to lead to the creation of similar technical systems in the future. Not similar in form, but in the principle of the realization of the eternal life of a human. After all, God is the creator of everything, he realizes eternal life for himself and for all. Therefore, a person who builds equipment, they must exercise absolute control over this equipment, which only realizes eternity, but in no way can it affect a person from the point of view of choosing his free will.

So, it is equipment that does not affect your thought, the choice of freedom of your decisions, but only contributes to eternal life, and in eternal life the choice is infinite, hence such equipment under no circumstances violates the freedom of will, the freedom of thinking of a person and this is also an important characteristic of the technology of the future, because each person’s soul is unique, and a human is created in the likeness of God, supposed to be absolutely free, nothing is supposed to infringe on their rights and therefore, based on this, the creation of such equipment that is adapted to this task is quite noble, quite an important task, which now together with me is being solved at this time already (and their number is already increasing) by about 480 sublicensees, also there are already a lot, about 30, envoys, who implement the structure with precisely defined principles that are set out in my training program.

The same three-mode device for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U, it comes with a flash card, which contains almost 10 GB of information with the materials of my teaching, where exactly the educational principles of implementation of eternal life for all are realized. And I believe that the use in educational systems, which is obviously of primary importance, and in technical systems that help introduce this education to everyone, well, a simple example that a person who received the device, they read on the back panel, that it is called exactly that, it is written on the back panel of the device that it is a three-mode device for the development of concentrations of eternal life of the PRK-1U, so the person immediately understands at the level of equipment that one can develop the concentration of eternal life, they can go work with other people, they can look up on the website to be convinced of self-efficacy, and this simplifies the introduction of eternal life, the introduction of creation technologies, in general, the universal tasks of creation, which now exist as tasks of the whole world and each individual.

Therefore, I consider that the participants of the conference can also take an active part in using and implementing this device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK1-U, and my training program, of course, to implement all of your authorized systems that many have at the level of complete freedom of realization. The integration of different directions, of different author schools, which are aimed at solving the problems of the World in the direction of ensuring eternal life for all, this is a very serious, and in fact a scientific task, which must also be solved at a spiritual, of course, religious, scientific, social level, and this task is not just set,  but also the one that must simultaneously be solved together with the conditions of its setting, but it is also vital in the contemporary conception of the World, from the point of view of the real system of ensuring the life of every person and eternal life as well.

And in this regard, I call for active participation in the implementation of the directions I have developed, of course I will be glad to have cooperation, which can be realized in terms of, first of all, the ideological level of the concept of ensuring eternal life for all throughout the World. I am ready to submit materials that relate to educational and technical areas, give some explanation to my patents for inventions. To give more information or that is required regarding the devices used to ensure eternal life for all.

So I invite to cooperation, if you need more specific data, they are on the grigori-grabovoi.world website and it is possible cooperate in any directions. I have registered trademarks GRABOVOI and GRIGORI GRABOVOI, and, in the 12th class of the trademarks, there is such a subclass as the creation of spacecraft. Now, the outer space must be controlled through technical systems as well. After the university, I worked a lot in the field of general engineering and now I am also working in the aerospace field, and among all on the creation of the systems that provide safety for some cosmic spaces.

That is why I also invite scientists, engineers, and specialists who can participate in the implementation of technical directions that ensure peace throughout the World, due to the technical systems as well and the systems that develop together with the development of man, which make it possible to respond to tasks of man quickly, correctly and thereby ensure eternal life for everyone and all.

This concludes my today’s presentation, thank you very much for your attention and I would like to answer some questions that have already been addressed in relation to a number of actions that are being taken in the area of education, instrumentation, and which would seem to be interesting at the same time now within the framework of today’s conference.

The question is: How is it possible to integrate instrumentation systems into education so that education becomes more intense.

I answer this question as follows: the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U makes it possible to modulate more quickly, to create the spheres of information transfer in the area of thinking, the teacher does not only transmit, as I said, the material directly as a text or video or audio recording, but at the same time mentally transfers this material to the sphere, the device intensifies this action and when it is transferred to the listener, the listener, with the help of the device, receives this sphere faster, as if at an implicit level of transmission of information. This is the way how this device or equipment can be used.

The next question is this: in the long term, a technique that is more developed can influence people in different ways, can it be defended and create such systems that allow any unexpected development of technology or some external extraterrestrial system to be protected based on the level of development of technical systems that are now.

And I am just answering that it is possible, because this very device for the development of the concentrations of the eternal life PRK-1U makes it possible, in such a way, to develop the speed of thinking (and the speed of action of the one who controls through consciousness, for example) in order to solve the task of ensuring eternal life, that is, to solve timely. And if we are confronted with some kinds of unknown technical systems that are external perhaps, for example, of some origin from the outer space, then these systems makes it possible (precisely such type as PRK-1U) to intensify the educational structure so that to be able in time to master those technologies, which will protect mankind, each person, and all living things in general.

And therefore I consider that it is very important to implement such systems as the systems, which do not only help but are a working tool for ensuring eternal life for all, and they naturally need to be improved so that we can make such equipment in large quantity, and that our Consciousness, the Spirit, and the Soul could develop freely, in such a way that nothing could affect the infinite development of man, his freedom of choice and his specific eternal life and the eternal life of all the living.

Once again, thank you very much for your attention, I wish you all a harmonious eternal life and all the best!


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