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Introductory course final interviews 1-10-july 2016 - Marina Morozkina


Lidija Gruber

My name is Lidija and I’ve come from Croatia and attended Introductory course on the Teachings of Dr. Grigori Grabovoi. And I am grateful for this opportunity to get more information, more knowledge on the Teachings on Salvation and Harmonious development. It was a special feeling to participate and to meet people from all over the world. It was such a fantastic group and we present actually the world in small and I feel very deep connection with all. And I believe we will be able to bring the knowledge to as many people as we can all over the world, and grateful to the teacher Marina Morozkina and the translator interpreter Olga.  The knowledge that was transferred was transferred systematically, and delivered to all the students in a harmonized way, and to be able to easy accept the knowledge and to practice it from now on. I am also grateful for the opportunity to get better teaching of Dr. Grabovoi who conducted normalization of all future events for all of us in order to be able to spread the Teachings of eternal life. Therefore, once again I thank all, and I wish the future students to enjoy the Teachings as much as we did. Thank you.

Denis Harting

Hi! My name is Denis Harting and I am originally from Montreal Canada. I felt a strong calling when I heard about Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching somewhere in Serbia, I had a strong, strong impulse to come here and I still have confirmation, it’s a gold platinum confirmation that Grigori Grabovoi’s Teachings is what I was really looking for all my life, and that I want to take all over the world no matter how, and no matter where, and no matter with who.  It’s just the most important knowledge of history right now.  And now I believe it has to be spread everywhere. And this is what I’ve got from the seminar with Marina and Olga who are just so warm, so attentive, so caring, so loving.  They put so much love to the transfer of the knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi, that it is a delight to have them around and they got us understanding again.  I can only speak from my own self that this is such a wonderful powerful science, divine knowledge that everyone at one point in their lives should have, because it explains everything and it allows everything to be done. And I hope to have more and more events like that and to see the world eternal harmonious and happy. Thank you so much.

Melloney Atuahene

My name is Mel Atuahene and I am from the UK. My phrases are going to be short indeed because when I first came I thought as I’ve come along for a refresher in a bit of a break and I found myself going down along a deep rabbit hole, well not, I don’t regret it, but it was a wonderful experience but, where I am at the moment I feel a little bit as though I’ve been rebirthed or reborn, and I suspect when I am feeling must be the way new born babies feel, you know where the senses are heightened they hear sounds and experiences, and he understands what has been said but somehow you haven’t developed yet the language to respond. I would recommend this to anyone to experience it, but put in words experience you’re having, but what you will have is marvelous.  I think the best way to speak is in three weeks because by then I would have found my voice and give you different perspective on it. Thank you.

Philippe Dall’Ava and Peggy Roux

Hello, I am Philippe and I have come from France.  When I heard about the retreat on Grigori Grabovoi I’ve been too enthusiastic about learning his Teachings, coming here to learn his Teachings.  I heard inside me an opportunity to get more knowledge. That’s why I chose the retreat because even though I don’t speak English too well I still try to translate myself and to attend the course. We had the chance to have two wonderful people: the main teacher and her translator. It really helped me really understand the knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi.  Thanks to those teachers to give us the privilege to learn such knowledge. Thank you.

Teoh Seok Hean

Hi! My name is Seok. I’ve come from Singapore. This is my first time in Serbia. This is a beautiful country with beautiful people. And this is the first course seminar conducted by the Education Center on the Introductory Course of Grigori Grabovoi. It is such a wonderful course, there is so much increased development after attending this course. I really enjoyed the course structure, it was wonderful, the lecturer and the translator were very wonderful and I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to be involved in the Teachings on Salvation and Harmonious Development to actually come for this course, because you will get tools for your own development, self-perfection as well as to actually help the world. And I want to say I love Serbia.  Thank you.

Steingruber Senzeni Carol

Hi! My name is Senzeni. And I travelled here to Serbia from Madrid, Spain. It has been a fantastic week of intense learning for all fifteen of us students, learning about the introduction to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. And when I arrived and even before I came, I even didn’t know what to expect. But really it has more than surpassed any expectations that I could have possibly imagined. I learned a lot for my own self-development, but most of all for humankind and mankind in a future that we have with eternal life. And so, the teaching, the teachers were wonderful, the translator was wonderful. I don’t think I can find the words to describe the experience but I hope that it is coming through and I really strongly recommend if you are looking to join such a course that is absolutely recommendable. And time here in Serbia was just fantastic. Thank you.

Zitsbank Svetlana

Hi! My name is Svetlana. I am from the Unites States. I am Russian descendant, but I found out about the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about 9 months ago. I got some sporadic knowledge, and as soon as the opportunity presented to come to this retreat I just jumped without any hesitation.  These have been amazing days I would say the most important in someone’s life, when you can learn about the true knowledge of the creation of the world, of the creation of the man, the capacity and the ability that man possesses, and how to implement them. And the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi gives you exact technology how to take control over your life, and it is especially important these days when there is so much nuclear power and weapons of mass destruction in the world. Humanity have to come together to save this beautiful world. And we have not only learned technologies but we have got the experience, and after you experience and provide some control, controlling technology, you are just not the same person any more, you feel like you are in unity with the whole world, your whole perception changes, and everything just becomes one. And I am thankful and grateful, and I will take this gift back home, and I will do my best to spread it. And in my opinion, this knowledge has to be taught in every country, in every educational system, because it’s most important these days. Thank you

Gedye Annie

Hello! My name is Annie Gedye, I live in the UK. I have been so excited to learn this work from Marina. For two years I’ve been waiting to study with Marina. And I discovered the Grigori Grabovoi’s work may be four years ago now, and even as I’ve learned it, it has changed my life, changed everything. And I can see from the quality of information that we’ve had, from this course now, my understanding has deepened so much, I can already see from even reading books and daily concentrations, how my understanding has changed, and I have much deeper insight. I am very excited that I’ve been on this first teacher training course, and I am looking forward to taking this to England to teach with my friend Melloney, we want to teach in the UK to as many people as we can to share this work. Thank you.