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The course “FROM THE EARTH TO STARS” contains unique knowledge about  the Earth and about Space.You will not find such information in any other book or directory, because the Author of the book has  access to any element of reality of both macro and micro level with the help of controlling clairvoyance and forecasting. Students of a course learn about properties of the planet Earth of recovery of the person or animals in a live look. That the Earth is intended only for that people lived, and it is created for eternal life. You learn technologies of interaction with the Earth. Students of the course  learn that Space it is    workshop on matter construction, including the Earth.  That the structure of Space – it is also knowledge of system of not destruction. You learn from «The teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Space»  that our action is connected with the whole system all system of  macro Space and if a person acts is creatively, Space helps the person as external parameters of macro Space become more optimum to his action. Students of the course  learn many interesting technologies of control at any event, on the valuation of health norm, rejuvenation, interaction with stars. You learn how to use the energy of eternal life, how to receive protection by means of stars, how to accelerate implementation of your creative purposes and tasks.

Course summary

  • The course consists of three classes.
  • Each lesson lasts 2 academic hours (2х45 minutes) with a five minute break.
  • The course examines the works of G. P. Grabovoi. 
  • The Obtained knowledge is used in practice.
  • Answers to questions on the studied material.


Section 1: Introduction
Welcome to your firs’t video tutorial. This video will start with a simple introduction. downloading the software.
2H 30M Seminar
The Works of Grigori Grabovoi, which is the basis for the training course “FROM THE EARTH TO STARS” are the book «Doctrine of the Earth», «The teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Space» and  the materials of the webinar  “Numbers of Stars for Eternal Life”  in two languages in the electronic form will be available to each student after completing the course.

The soul.
The soul is the substance that was created by the Creator in accordance with the eternity of the World and is a World element. The soul is firm, stable, unshakable, immovable, inviolable; it basically exists as the World organizing structure and thus it starts the reproduction of such concepts as, for example, spirit, which includes the notion of an act as well. So we may say that in one of the interpretations the acts of the soul are the spirit. Thus perfecting the spiritual base towards the World’s creative development, the soul structure may be changed.

Consciousness is the structure which allows the soul to control the body. The soul, the material part of which is the body, interacts with the reality through the consciousness structure. But there is also an interaction between the body and the body cells. This interaction is carried out by consciousness as well, but this is a cellular consciousness. In the wide sense consciousness is a structure that combines spiritual and physical matter. By changing consciousness it is possible to transform the spirit and therefore to perform acts, that is, events. For the soul is a part of the World, that is, it is present in any event.

Controlling clairvoyance
Clairvoyance  is  a  universal  way  for  accessing  information. There is  something like a Cosmic Net, the Net of  the  Universe,  which  holds  the  data  regarding  absolutely  everything.  A  man  in  this  case  can  be compared to an operator. Then clairvoyance is a way for the operator to enter the Cosmic Net with an inquiry. And since the speed there is so immense, the answer is given instantly. I will note that instead of the Cosmic Net it is actually better to call it the universal information field.

1.Doctrine of the Earth
2.The teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Space
3.The book “Numbers of Stars for Eternal Life.
Section 2
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You learn technologies of restoration and normalization rationing of health and events, and with improvement of events for all, and many interesting technologies of control at any event, on the rate setting of health norm, rejuvenation.You learn how to use the energy of eternal life, how to receive protection by means of stars, how to accelerate implementation of your creative purposes and tasks.
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This test will reveal how well you are acquiring the new material based on a short test of twenty questions and a brief written assignment.
Upon completion of the course, the students will receive a Certificate, confirming attendance of the “FROM THE EARTH TO STARS” of the Educational Program on “THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI” and will be able to transfer the acquired knowledge accurately.

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    I loved the course and I am grateful to olga who is a wonderful teacher. Everybody should take this course

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