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Unified System of Knowledge


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We are offering you series of lectures “Unified System of Knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi”  based on the copyright volume “Unified System of Knowledge.”We are offering you series of lectures “Unified System of Knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi”  based on the copyright volume “Unified System of Knowledge.”Collection of lectures “Unified System of Knowledge” was created by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi in June 1996,  and is one of the first fundamental works of the  author’s Teachings  on Salvation and Harmonious Development.The study of the volume “Unified System of Knowledge” was introduced as item №1 in the Standard Training Program of Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and its study is necessary for the systematic education on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.This recommended course of lectures “Unified System of Knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi” will help to acquire an invaluable experience in control practice and  necessary training skills of Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.This course of lectures is prepared for anyone, without the consideration of the perception of the listener, his educational, social, or religious status.The course consists of 12 lectures, based on the volume   “Unified System of Knowledge.” These lectures are united in essence , by the idea of the salvation of the mankind from  global catastrophes.The achievement of the salvation happens through the understanding by a person of the fundamental laws of the universe. These, proposed methods and technologies have been tested repeatedly,   positive results have been obtained, confirmed by objective methods of control.

Course summary

  • The accessibility of the educational course for the perception of any person.
  • Formation of structured comprehension  of a vast volume of  information in a short period of time – 14 days.
  • Practice of control  of methods and technologies presented  during the training course.
  • Individual work with each student.


Section 1: Introduction
Methods and technologies of Unified System of Knowledge by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, allow to acquire good health through your own consciousness, control over  your life events in a constructive direction.On the level of the Spirit, this knowledge is comprehensible by anyone, hence, the salvation applies to all.This knowledge is passed on the level of cognition of the Spirit, where, primarily, we are talking about the geometry of a form of the information. Success depends only on the creativity of your aspirations and structured, consistent mastery of proposed knowledge via your own practice.
Course plan ”Unified System of Knowledge by Grigori Grabovoi”Single platform will enable listeners of thematic courses and seminars at a later date to join actively in the studying of specific sections of the Teachings.
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The Original
2H 30M Seminar
«The unified system of knowledge» – a system of creative development.Content of this volume: Radius of operation is the optimization of events till 71 meter.It is enough to have the notes of this volume with specified limits.Contains restoration system of knowledge with a hidden implicit structure for the change of informational canonical areas.The volume  “Unified System of Knowledge” by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, which is the foundation  of  the training course of lectures “Unified System of Knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi” in electronic form will be available to any student after their course completion.
Our course of lectures “Unified System of Knowledge by Grigori Grabovoi ” covers  following basic positions:«All concepts, which I give specific definitions, allow you to control on the associative and logical level already on the basis of the perception of concepts».G.GRABOVOI. «The unified system of knowledge»

  1. «The unified system of knowledge» – a system of creative development.
  2. Current lecture focused on the fact, that through the knowledge we had the initial data for control.
  3. In this material, knowledge is given accordingly to the level of the development of the spirit. And on the level of the spirit, this knowledge is accessible to anyone, because salvation allies to all.
  4. On the information level, there is always canonical form – the archive double your health.The purpose  –  so your archive  twin,  i.e root knowledge, activates and   takes the level of the real structure.
  5. Thinking allows you to independently initiate the side of non-destruction of a human being.
  6. Do not deny the possibility of recovery of the tissue structure, remoted surgically or as a consequence of an accident.
  7. Consciousness  contacts  the human body and the external  environment.
  8. Physical matter (physical body), as well as the spirit of a man, creates the reality in the orders of general interconnections.
  9. Сoncentration on the areas of the body, you can change the reality in the generalized terms, and therefore harmoniously in all region creation.
  10. Technologically the question of resurrection and immortality in the physical body is solved at the level of specific practices.
  11. It is possible to obtain healthy tissue at the next moment, if to approach system of non-destruction of the external world correctly.
  12. The negative information should not arise even on the level of thinking.
  13. The control system is in front of you – your own thoughts are with you.
  14. Each person has a system of canonization of his life – the system of the internal diagnostics, meaning the norm of social, health, and everything else.You need to find your duplicate, where everything is in norm.
  15. Imagination is the control system of the structure.
  16. In relation to the spiritual control, any problems are equival on the information level.
  17. It is important to work always at the level of infinite processes.

  1. Unified System of Knowledge.
  2. Grigori Grabovoi. Control practices. The way of salvation.
  3. Resurrection of people and eternal life is  now our reality
Section 2: <strong>The results of the course completion</strong>
You will understand how your consciousness, your mind create reality.The complex world will become much simpler,  you will know how to use the tools available to you from birth: your thinking, consciousness, the action of your own spirit and soul!This knowledge you will never forget, it  cannot be lost,  you will be developing it independently and  infinitely, more and more becoming aware of yourselves, your  limitless possibilities in co-creation with the Creator.Practicing this knowledge, will help you to fully restore your health, any event will be possible to  develop only in a favorable direction for you!
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The test consists of 17 questions, and they need to be answered by the Author’s quotations. This test will show, how well the course material is mastered.

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    I will be putting this danzzilg insight to good use in no time.

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    Eugenia is amazing. I took only partially the course and I am waiting to repeat again. Thank you eugenia…. see you soon

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    I had the opportunity to follow only part of this wonderful course and to know Eugenia who is an amazing teacher. As soon as it will be available as a course online again I will take the course again this time completely.
    Thank you Eugenia

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    5 out of 5


    This is the course that will give everyone the foundation to work with the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. Evgeniya shared such profound insight as well as clear explanation of all the nuances of the work. Highly recommended for any serious student who want to become expert in doing controls!

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